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The Nexus Point


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Session Date: 12-1-12   

Phoenix, AZ

The Earth - Essassani - Sirius Connection.

Q&A includes: Do you have any tips or techniques to assist us in the upcoming month's frequency changes?  Can you tell me more of upcoming adventures with a new friend we met here?  Can you tell more about my intergalactic adventure dreams I had as a child?  Who were the beings I saw in the sky 15 years ago?  Why do I have a tendency to choose victimhood?  What's your take on the financial disaster?  How can I teleport to visit my children who live out of state?   What are the ideal conditions for human birth?  What causes gravity?  Is there a physical particle like a graviton that we can discover?  How can I best help humanity at this time?  What actions can I take to accelerate remembrance of my interactions with beings from Sirius? What dietary choices do you recommend I take in treating my diabetes?   What function do dolphins and whales serve humanity?  What is the origin of the "sprites" that I am seeing?  How is the Sirius civilization benefiting from our triad?  What happened to me when I experienced a hospitalization?  How can we stay in the now? Who were the beings I saw in a dream?  Bashar speaks about trust and following your intuition.  Questioner brings up the concept of sabotage. What if I have many excitements? How can I find my excitement?  What is the significance of the interactions between Cetecean transformation workshop participants and the false killer whale encounters?  How can I use a video feedback loop to perceive into 4th and 5th densities?  Bashar speaks on the psychomanteum.  What is the boundry between physical and nonphysical reality?   In what medium can I grow organic fractals?  How can we regenerate the body including a new set of teeth? If an experience is a series of billions of frozen realities then what is this current moment?   Which level of my consciousness is speaking to you?  How can we apply the different levels of consciousness to achieve a higher level of health?  Could you elaborate on what it means to have no expectation?  Was my future self piloting the ship I saw at Angel valley?

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound. DVD recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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