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Becoming a Galactic Citizen Part 2


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As we move into 2023, the window of open contact is expanding. In “Becoming A Galactic Citizen – Part 2: The Door” Bashar will guide us through some intermediate ideas and exercises to promote more active awareness and participation in the energies and experiences that have been going on around us all along. Things that have been invisible are becoming visible now in 2023. So join us in Becoming a Galactic Citizen and discover what it’s all about.

Session Date:  March 4, 2023
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes

• What do the number sequences I am seeing mean? Are they related to archetypes?
• Why did I see Sierpinski Triangles in my dreams?
• Do we need pain to feel pleasure?
• Does the soul explore every possibility of choice? For example if I choose something, does the soul also experience the opposite?
• How much is predetermined and how much is my choice?
• How does free will differ on Earth than other worlds?
• Will I reconnect with my lost love?
• Is there a difference between a spiritual guide and my higher self?
• Is it OK to change your religion?
• Did I discover my core beliefs?
• Is artificial intelligence sentient?
• Have you seen other civilization go through challenges with their technology?
• Were the spy balloons that were shot down of ET origin?
• What can you tell us about shape shifting UFOs?
• How can humanity overcome its issues of discerning the truth?
• How does experiencing depression relate to the eye of the needle process?
• Will Open Contact be anything like the movie Contact with Jodi Foster?
• Will we get to meet some of your family members some day?
• Will the sky be crowded once first contact begins?
• Are there conflicts of information with other Sassani beings who are being channeled to our world?
• Is Bell Rock hollow?
• Do ETs enter or inhabit empty homes in the world?
• How many people on our world are capable of shape shifting?
• Will Darryl begin to physically look like Bashar some time in the future?
• How can we make up with The Higher Mind?
• In what year was Bashar born?

And much more!





Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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