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Bashar brings a new game to Vegas! In this session, we learn an ancient Essassani secret: that transformation can be fun. Cybo is the Sassani word for the number 13, the vibration of transformation. Want to raise the stakes on your excitement? Cybo is no ordinary game. Lucky 13 can help you shift deeply within yourself in the ways you most prefer. You will see that it can be great fun – you can bet on it!

Session Date: June 4, 2016
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Session Length: 4 hours

Q&A includes:
• I have an irregular heart rhythm. How can I better acclimate this energy?
• When you said everything will change, how does that impact our political situation?
• Did I actually die in a car accident I was involved in?
• Can you explain the synchronicity between past, present and future lives?
• My nephew murdered my sister’s husband a number of years ago. I feel like my sister’s husband is helping us from the other side. Is it true?
• How can I become a Grand Master of the slot machine?
• When you mentioned the Interstellar Alliance, is it like that bar in “Star Wars?”
• If you’re in a state of self-hatred, can your highest level of excitement be self-destructive?
• I’ve had problems with drug addiction for years. I go through physical, painful withdrawals. Can you help?
• What civilizations am I related to and what is my current vibration?
• Do mermaids and dragons exist?
• What's going on in Antarctica?
• Can you talk about the “Triple A” technique?
• What’s the purpose for a pet to have a life on Earth. Do they have a higher self?
• What is Ascension? Will I be in a different density, or a different house or a reality?
• Help!  I’m following my highest excitement but it’s not supporting me.
• I had a dream that there were five glowing beings. Where did they come from?
• What is Multiple Personality Order?
• I found myself saying that I had hybrid children and I have no idea why that came out of my mouth. What does that mean?
• Do we have different time lines for experiencing this transition or will we do it all at once?
• Did the Essanssanis or the Greys create the super computer that focuses on the moon?
• Was Jesus the Prince of Odessa?
• About video games. If it’s your highest excitement, will it give benefit?
• Can you talk about moldavite crystals?
• Do we attract negative synchronicity based on our thoughts and belief?


Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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