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Reincarnation A Deeper Explanation


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For everyone who has been asking about their past and future lives, their extraterrestrial connections, and their counterparts on Earth, Bashar has the answers. In Reincarnation: A Deeper Explanation Bashar has prepared charts, graphs, and illustrations that will help us understand how what we think is a single chain of lives going end to end is actually multiple simultaneous incarnations. He has prepared everything we need in order to make that understanding our own, the mechanism of all of the different people that we are and can be. In this session Bashar will explain how we make connections to other versions of ourselves, our "past" or "future" lives so that both parties can exchange information that enhances both of their lives. Once we understand that concept all we need to do is consciously make the connections that lead us on the path we most prefer, toward the happiest and most fulfilled versions of ourselves.

Session Date: June 19, 2021
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• Based on what you just explained about reincarnation, is the cycle of life in  Buddhism irrelevant now?
• When we refer to our lives from the oversoul does this cover all of them in different densities?
• Could you explain the oversouls of animals?
• When we die will we always be the spirit of the life we lived?
• Why do I feel such a kinship with you and Willa? Bashar discusses all the parts of the formula.
• I have been using frequency generators to aid in healing sessions. How does it actually work?
• How best can we utilize our connection to our cats to connect with other dimensions?
• What are crop circles?
• Could you speak more on the Essassani phone number?
• Why do I find traditional meditation boring? 
• Is blocking thoughts or not thinking an escapism from reality?
• How can I specifically focus on money as my main form of abundance?
• Have I interacted directly with you in dreamtime?
• What is the fastest way to deprogram religion out of my psyche?
• Sometimes I experience a singing bowl noise in my ears.  What is that?
• What is the symbolism behind the all seeing eye?
• How can I be certain that there is no death?
• What roll does Anima play in the First Contact program?
• Are Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse part of the First Contact program as well?
• Are we moving into the Third Reality you've been speaking of for awhile?
• How far above Bell Rock are you right now?
• Is the world’s consciousness rising?
• I had an intense dream about a crystal skull.  Was that to prepare me for contact?
• Did I see a Hybrid child in physical form at Bell Rock?
• Could you comment further on The Harvest?
• I feel connected with my past lives but why can I not connect with my future lives?
• Do we share reincarnations with the same set of souls over and over?
• What happens if you don’t complete your life path?  Do you reincarnate to try again?
• Where does the soul go after its experience in third dimensional reality?
• When we wake up after we die, does our life fade away like in a dream?
• What happens to the ego when you die?
• Is incarnation different for interdimensional beings?
• Are we shown every detail and moment of our life in the life review?
• What happens to people who have committed atrocities?  Do they experience the life review as well?
• Do animals and insects have souls?
• Does everybody have to go through a life review?
• Will people we aren't aligned with disappear as we go through the splitting prism?
• How do we choose our next incarnation?
•  Where did the idea of paying back your karma come from?
• When did the Anunnaki create humans?
• How will souls choose to incarnate as hybrids?
• Have your civilization explored much of your reality?
• Could you tell us about the early version Sassani beings who interacted with humans on Earth?  Why didn’t we experience psychic shock from them?
• Are very many civilizations aware of your existence?
• Why do so many spaceships look like they’re spinning?
• What percentage of beings in our neighborhood still eat?
• Could you tell us about the off planet Maya beings?
• Are there other beings here who are not a product of the Anunnaki hybridization?
• What was the greatest benefit off the Anunnaki genetic infusion?
• Does each version of me in each reality have its own version of me that it’s experiencing?
• Does the expansion of space have to do with the splitting prism?
• How does the formula help us have clearer communications with the higher self and our spirit guides?
• Is there a 911 for space craft?
• Has a Sassani craft ever crashed?
• How is it possible that there are unbalanced beings if everything is made of love?
• What is meant by learning to do more with less?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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