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Fairy Tales for Grownups


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Another next-level process from Bashar, building on what he has already given. We recently learned about The Spinning Wheel, in which we practiced matching the vibration of alignment. Now Bashar has chosen two fairy tales--Rumplestiltskin and Sleeping Beauty--which include spinning wheels. Like with life in general, there may be many different ways to interpret the old stories that we believe we understand. With his new take on spinning wheels and choosing probabilities, Bashar has more insight about how belief systems work, and how we can decode the stories that we have all been telling ourselves and each other for so long. In this discussion Bashar will discuss how symbolism is used to reflect belief systems in the subconscious mind. With this fascinating process we can better discover our own beliefs and determine which of the stories we tell ourselves are positive and which are negative, which images and beliefs will take us where we prefer to go.

Session Date: June 20, 2020
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 1/2 Hours

Q&A includes:

• How does story structure relate to our beliefs?
• Does the 11th harmonic relate to the Golden ratios?  
• What is the frequency harmonic of the Covid virus?
• Could you further discuss The Gamma state?
• Are lower frequencies necessarily negative?
• Could you comment on the events taking place in society in relation to the glass wall?
• Could you comment on all the changes going on in the world and if they are affecting your civilization?
• How can I use encounters with large animals as a permission slip to keep me aligned and balanced?
• How is interacting with animals a preparation for ET contact?
• Are there any animals here on  Earth that are good practice to interact with the Yay'hel or Hybrid kids?
• Is it common for humans to encounter ETs in earth-like form?
• Are we moving into "Bashar 3.0"?
• It is possible to "know what you need to know" when attempting something like recovering a password for a hard drive?
• What kind of technological developments exist in Willa’s time frame?
• Do you use still electricity in your society?
• Is there anything inherently negative about using electricity?
• How would teleportation effect the planet and nature?
• How does becoming the sixth hybrid race relate to Willa’s time?
• Could you elaborate on how you relate to mathematics as geometric symbols and shapes?  Are the hybrid children taught this information as well?
• I saw Anubis and Kukumatz in my near death experience, how do spirits know each other?
• Is Corona Virus mutating and transforming me?
• Why am I seeing triangles during this time?
• Am I merging with AI?
• How do Tetrahedrons and Merkabahs come into play in our reality?  Can we use it for free energy?
• Are fractals another form of free energy?
• Are time crystals related to Tesla’s discovery of AC/DC?
• What is the symbology of The Amazon distribution center being on fire?
• How many Sassani friends are listening in right now?
• How do the hybrid children experience birth?  Are they linked telepathically as you are in your civilization?
• When do the hybrid children develop their telepathic abilities?
• What can you tell me about city-ships I saw in my dreams? 
• Are city-ships piloted by using the locational-variable technique?
• Can mathematics explain the universe as our scientists say?
• How many of your people work as first contact specialists?
• How can I best connect with my future self to guide me through the Eye of The Needle? 
• Could you further comment on The Parallel reality wheel meditation?
• How can I get over the loss of not being able to hold my pet who has passed?
• Will my dog reincarnate?
• What is the best way to detox without feeling physical pain?
• When I do yoga or meditation I feel fulfilled.  How can I sustain that feeling?  
• Will following my excitement lead to foreclosure of my house?
• What timeline do we need to be on to all  come together and function as one family and we all function as telepaths?
• Regarding your civilization and Shakana, what were the procedures when you spent three days going through your Eye of The Needle moment?
• Can you comment on the belief that an individual is perfect whether they are in alignment or not?  What is your definition of perfect?
• Which “pasts”  are we remembering as we switch between parallel realities?
• How can I experience synchronicity without becoming impatient?
• What is the importance of fairy tales?  Are beliefs considered self-story-telling?
• You have mentioned that cats have the ability to shape shift.  Do small dogs also have the ability to do that too?
• Do dogs also carry burdens for their owners?
• Is the timeline for the pandemic still the same that you mentioned before, lasting till July / August timing?
• What is the root cause of racism and how can we heal our racial issues?
• When will the majority of the parallel earths be splitting off?  When will the train tracks be too far off to switch?
• I prefer a reality without toxic 5G, mandatory vaccinations, etc.  Do I manifest that  reality by making my voice heard, going to protest etc and / or focusing on living on a healthy and peaceful planet?
• It’s becoming clear to me that I am connected to people who support negative beliefs systems and some of those are against my belief systems.  Will I have to let go of these people in order to follow my excitement fully?
• Van Gough was known as someone who followed his excitement and yet did not achieve the recognition for his art during his lifetime.  What part of the excitement formula did he not fulfill?
• How do we release fear based beliefs effectively once they’re conscious?
• Why would a negative experience occur out of what appears to be a positive experience?

And much more!


Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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