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Bashar explains the main metaphysical principles that form the framework of physical reality and shares how to use them to manifest a more abundant, positive & creative life.

Session Date: February 25, 2019
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours

Q&A includes:

• Who were the orange and blue beings I saw in a lucid dream?
• Is my girlfriend connected to the Hybrid agenda?
• Am I making a connection to Morning Star?
• How can I create a sanctuary for the hybrid children?
• Did Jesus visit me?
• Which species altered the naturally evolving primates here on Earth and when?
• Which ETs are friendly to us and which are not?
• Is the hybridization agenda a hostile takeover of Earth?
• What is the greatest existential threat to humans?
• Who are the tall whites and why are they hugely intimidating to us?
• Are there existing interstellar treaties with Earth?
• What can you tell me about the Blue Avian Beings?
• Was Thoth a Blue Avian?
• Are abductees more sensitive to light and sound?
• There was a recent discovery that many of Earth’s pyramids were covered in mica.  Could you comment?
• What are the sounds emanating from the Bosnian pyramids? 
• Could you comment on my past life involvement with sculpting the crystal skulls?
• What technological devices on Earth can provide EMF shielding?
• Who are the beings who have bases on Antartica?
• How can I overcome my resistance to sharing my message?
• Will Saint Germain and The Violet Flame rescue America?
• What do you have to say about ascenscion?
• Will the Earth’s axis change?
• Could you comment on the third episode of Washington’s vision and the future of religion?
• Did I exchange bodies with someone during a parallel reality experiment?
• Can I access anything in a parallel reality?
• Are my parallel realities different from five years ago?
• Are beliefs the mechanism that cause us to focus on a certain frame?
• When we are healed by healers, does that mean our beliefs have changed?
• Are twin flames real?
• Could you speak on the sacred feminine?
• How can we stay in a frequency of unconditional love?
• What are alien implants?
• Who are the entities I am channeling during my ayahuasca trip?
• Am I being implanted by mantis beings?
• Were there remote entities working on me during yesterday’s session?
• What is going on when you say “one moment” and Darryl’s teeth click?
• What is the Interstellar Alliance?
• How can I help the collective release their fears?
• Is it beneficial to know what my interstellar cross connections are?
• Is worrying about EMF frequencies a fear-based paradigm?
• What was the deeper meaning of a car accident I was involved in?
• What does the number 8 symbolize?
• What is the rubber band analogy?

And much more!



Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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