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An Interview with Bashar


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Session Date: 5-15-06

In this fabulous 90 minute interview with Bashar conducted by Ken Gullekson, Bashar answers our most pressing questions about extraterrestrials and UFO's and and their impact on humanity.

Topics covered: A description of Bashar and his civilization and his relationship with Darryl and us. Are we being visited and what is the purpose of these visitations? Is the channeling phenomenon"real"? How can ET's travel the vast distances of space? Bashar's method of traveling through space. Why are they interested in the people of planet Earth? How did they find us? Why are humans considered the "Masters of Limitation"? How many ET civilizations are visiting Earth? Can an ET civilization be identified by the shape of their space craft? Are there other planets like Earth that are inhabited by humanoids? How common are humanoids in the the universe? How do the ET's view our nuclear weapons? Do nuclear explosions affect them? Alien Abduction: is it really happening, who is doing it, what is the purpose and why do these encounters cause fear and pain? Can we change the experience? Are implants real? What is their purpose and what are they made of? What is the truth about cattle mutilations? Was the Roswell incident really a space ship crash that was covered up? Have we received reverse engineering technology from the ET's? What is the history of Mars? Was it originally inhabited and what is our connection with Martian history? The concept of incarnational progression. Why have we not detected signals from ET's through the CEITI project? Were we visited by extraterrestrials in ancient times? What was their connection to Old Testament stories including the exodus from Egypt? Were we interacting with them openly and if so, why were we not afraid? Did ET's help to build the pyramids through their technology? What is the purpose of crop circles and who is creating them? How is a crop circle made?


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