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Self Worth - MP4 Video Download


Increase your sense of self worth, self appreciation and self love, to value yourself more strongly and bring your vibration back to a centered state!

Session Date: November 5, 2016
Location: Las Vegas,NV
Session Length: 3.5 hours

Q&A Includes:

  • Relocating to a different place where we can happier. Where should we look?
  • Is the double-slit experiment evidence of parallel realities?
  • People like Jimi Hendrix or Mozart seem to have an ability to download knowledge. What is your perspective?
  • My baby may not survive beyond birth. Can I communicate with her?
  • How do I distinguish intuitive download as opposed to my own personal opinion?
  • How do I get into the channeling state?
  • What’s happening in terms of momentum of things changing? How could we contribute in the most positive way?
  • Do you have any advice or guidance in how to use crystals and stones for healing?
  • Sometimes I feel like my work is too much. Any advice?
  • How can someone value themselves when until it’s really deeply believed?
  • When children are experiencing abuse, and they’re dependent on their parents for their survival, they are designed to accept it, aren’t they? Why would the soul choose that?
  • What does the empowered state feels like, so that we can all recognize when we’re in that state?
  • Is survival of the fittest hard-wired into our species?
  • Trust and betrayal.
  • Sometimes I can feel a lot of negative energy coming towards me. How can I block that out?
  • There are times when my third eye will open and through it I see people walking on the other side. Who are they?
  • What does my DNA have in common with yours? And how old are you?
  • How do I change my subconscious beliefs?
  • How do I reconcile negative feelings and putting out the frequency or vibration of that which I want?
  • How to tap more into my dreams in the sense of remembering them.
  • I’ve been dealing with a marijuana addiction, do you have any insights?
  • In a previous channel somebody asked you if schematics were available on the internet for a free energy device that was functional and clean for under $3,000.00. Can you help direct me to the source of this schematic?
  • What do you think of my permission slip symbol for the highest ideal of human health being an infant in the womb?
  • We’re working with somebody who creates frequencies to heal different body parts and ailments. What should I tell him to measure on an infant, so that we can take that frequency and output it through the pyramid?
  • When you’re following the formula, you’re going into a parallel universe? Does your history change?
  • If you still remember the past that’s causing issues for you in the present, how do you stop recreating it?
  • If we’re improving ourselves and following our excitement to the best of our ability, do the people we love go with us?
  • I’m infatuated with the number 3. Can you tell me why?
  • What’s your take on veganism? Do you feel like veganism is part of our future?
  • Would it be accurate to say that when I am following my highest excitement, that any definitions that might be stopping me or could get in my way of doing that would automatically be dissolved?
  • If what I want and what I need are the same, that’s where I would feel my excitement?
  • When you interact with other civilizations, is that a manifestation of the expansion of your own consciousness?
  • In a dream, I saw a Reptilian. What is that a representation of? Was it a counterpart of myself?
  • Why have Reptilians gotten kind of a bad rap on the planet?
  • How do you perceive wolves, and are they connected with the Dog Star?
  • What are some common diseases that are representative of issues of self-worth?
  • Is part of the self-worth issue on a planetary basis related to the idea of the Annunaki and that humans were originally created to be exploited?
  • Why are things so overwhelming that I can’t even think straight?
  • How to help children instill good self-respect and self-esteem, and at the same time fit into society?
  • When children express lack of confidence/self-worth, is it always because they’ve taken it on from their parents?
  • Can we create new tools to cleanse our DNA?
  • How you can tell if something’s a limitation that you’ve brought on for a specific reason, or the situation’s not relevant for you and you need to get out of the situation? Is a high degree of emotionality a good clue about whether or not it’s relevant?
  • Can you talk about defense mechanisms and negative beliefs?
  • Whenever you see someone behaving like a bully, is that an indication that the person is negative?


Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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