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The Structure of Existence - MP3 Audio Download


 Bashar discusses “The One” and “All That Is” in relation to our place in the cosmos.

Q&A includes:

  • What can we do about people who judge others?
  • What about negative art critics? Should we plan for the future or live in the now like Eckhart Tolle teaches?
  • Why haven’t you shared your advanced technology with us?
  • Is efficiency part of the excitement formula?
  • Can you speak on quantum healing?
  • My DNA was altered as a child. Does that make me a living hybrid?
  • Are there abilities locked in my DNA that I can remember?
  • Has anyone ever created one of your energy devices that functions?
  • As you described, everything has its own signature frequency. Would that be a hertz number?
  • Is there a way for us to better tune our electronics so they don’t give off a discordant frequency?
  • What is the delusion of grandure in relation to the negative ego?
  • Why do I have nightmares about the ocean?
  • Can you speak of randomness and following your excitement?
  • How advanced is Earth’s current propulsion technology?
  • Is it transdimensional?


Session Date: December 30, 2017
Location: Burnank, CA
Session Length: 56 Minutes





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