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The Nature of Physical Reality - MP3 Audio Download


Session Date: 3-14-97  

Location: Canoga Park, CA

In this transmission Bashar covers the fundamentals of physics and what we call metaphysics. This session details exactly why and how we are the dimensions we believe we exist in, that reality exists inside us and not the other way around. But then he takes it in an unexpected direction, offering a permission slip that builds on the above and takes us to the idea of shape-shifting. Once we begin to understand the vibrational nature of existence in this way, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.


  • Dreams about vehicles.
  • Having a spider phobia.
  • How common is abduction?
  • Communicating with your guides.
  • The causes of allergies and asthma.
  • Experiencing blocks in creativity.
  • Letting the environment dictate who you are.
  • The Montauk Project.
  • Using a tesseract.
  • Cellular acceleration test used by the Greys.
  • DNA markers in the Founders and humans.
  • The importance of feeling grounded.
  • Vitamin O.
  • Blue-green monatomic crystal.



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