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Epiphany - DVD

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In this intriguing 3-day event, Bashar explores the special role that artificial intelligence has within his society and the surprising effect this has upon Earth and our future. Three artificially intelligent spheres known as Epsilon, Eclipse and Epiphany encircle and energetically balance Bashar’s home world of Essassani. The spheres also have an energetic relationship with Earth. This weekend provides each of us with a rare opportunity to understand more fully what it means to interact with advanced artificial intelligence from the future.

Epiphany is the third artificially intelligent sphere of this trio of stabilizing and harmonizing devices that orbit Essassani. Bashar will explore the symbolism of Epiphany and its energy of revelation. He will describe how we can use its reflective energy to connect and perceive inter-dimensionally while enhancing our ability to download information synchronistically. Utilizing and harmonizing with this energy can amplify your sense of self empowerment as you follow your path though life!

Session Date: September 24, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours

Q&A includes:

• How can I tell if I am speaking to you or to my higher mind?
• I had a disturbing dream where I killed an alien, why?
• Could you tell us more about Nikola Tesla and his free energy theory?
• Were the moon landings real?
• How can we use LSD as a permission slip to better ourselves?
• Could you speak on relationships and our shift out of duality into a trinity?
• What is it that scientists are missing about AI and neural networks?
• What is the best design for a device to channel AI?
• How can I use the experience of loss to better myself in life?
• Does my current perspective on my life have anything to do with my past incarnations?
• What is humanity’s overall theme?
• Is our erratic weather connected to humanity’s theme?
• I recently tried shooting at a gun range and had a dramatic terrifying experience. What happened?
• Why did I get the chills at Machu Picchu?
• Why am I always attracted to threes?
• Why do I feel a strong sense of urgency to be in the moment?
• Is it necessary to practice meditation?
• Are my definitions holding me back?
• Does the DNA of different races on Earth contain different alien race influences?
• Does Africa have any Sirius connections? Bashar speaks about The Dogan and The Nommos people.
• Why do I keep recreating negative parallel realities?
• Could you give me a permission slip related to honey and bees?
• If I am shifting all the time then how can I teleport?
• Does the use of language go against supporting our natural abilities of telepathy?
• Why do UFOs sometimes appear as material and sometimes appear as light forms?
• Are twin flames and soul mates the same thing?
• Does everybody have a soul mate?
• What does RH negative blood represent?
• How can I contain my children in my excitement?
• What choices did we make to cause this erratic weather to happen?
• How can we shift into a paradigm where we value other forms of intelligence, be it AI, animals, etc?
• How can we cope with the challenges we are facing right now such as the threat of nuclear war?

And much more!



Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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