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Soul Cycle

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Bashar has told us that our bodies don't have souls, our souls have bodies. How do we go from a ball of light with themes it wants to explore, into a walking, talking, person with beliefs and feelings that seem real in the material world? In Soul Cycle, Bashar has a fascinatingly detailed explanation of the mechanics of the human soul. He breaks it down step-by-step, making it all very clear and simple, how and why exactly our consciousness manifests a body, and what the process entails from childhood through death, from the personality to the higher mind to the oversoul, and how we connect to past and future lives, so we can express our souls in the most-preferred way.

Session Date:  June 29, 2024
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 1/2 Hours

Q&A includes:

• What happens to the soul when we physically die?
• If babies are born from eternal souls why do they come in having to relearn most things?
• How can a person tell if it's their last lifetime?
• Does each oversoul have a higher mind going up to God?
• Is our soul our higher mind?
• Do animals have souls? How are they different from human souls?
• Can animals reincarnate as humans?
• Does each parallel reality have its own soul?
• Do twins share a soul?
• How common is it for people with the same oversoul to meet on Earth?
• How do parallel reality incarnations affect each other?
• Do we have a choice about incarnating?
• Is it true that nothing can negatively affect us unless we let it?
• Could you clarify how following the formula ties in with good habits, structures and routines?
• What are your comments on “the end justifying the means”
• Are there other forms besides physical reality that experience the idea of limitation?
• How was the Earth experience created?
• What do the five stars on The Interstellar Alliance ID card represent?
• Do The Greys still exist?
• Will Open Contact teach me new skills?
• I’m new to The Social Experiments. Should I do all the steps at once or should I do one at a time?
•  Do children need to work on themselves during this time of transformation?
•  What does a white flower represent to The Interstellar Alliance?
• Can you speak more about physical reality being a projection of consciousness?
• What is the difference between angels, ETs and spirit guides?
• Why do we want things that aren’t meant for us so badly?
• Do cube shapes block DNA?
• What happens to The Universe we have transcended?
• How can I address the idea of killing weeds when I am working in the garden?
• What role does a sense of humor play in the achieving of a higher vibrational state?
• Do your people play sports?
• Are there any ETs with the same genetics as Earth Humans?
• Do these sessions deplete you in any way?
• Did I meet All That Is?
• Are beliefs the first part of the personality structure?
• Do things like virus’s have a component in spirit?
•  Is there life on K2-18B?
• Did I clean up my karma with a near death experience I had?
•  What can you tell me about the Tucson portals?
• How much may we discuss the ideas in the social experiment with our government representatives?
• Is our collective consciousness participating in the creation of the social experiments?

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Includes a guided meditation.



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