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Willa and The Winter Spirit - DVD

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In this session Bashar once again brings through Willa Hillicrissing to share specific details and a next step for cryptic training.  In The Winter Spirit, Bashar introduced us to Cernunnos, the original spirit of giving.  In this session Willa expands on the possibilities for cryptics to work with Cernunnos and other nature spirits.  This will prepare us for the journey into 2019, 2020, and 2021 in a joyful and empowered way.  These sessions are designed to work together in a focused way for accelerated results. Bashar joins in for Q and A later in the transmission.

Session Date: December 2, 2018
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2+ Hours

Q&A includes:

• Who is Lilly Stargazer?
• Am I a sage in a parallel incarnation?
• Do you have any suggestions of sites to visit in Ireland?
• Is it necessary to understand the mechanics of how the Universe works?
• Could you elaborate on the concept of me being the only one in this room?
• Are all seven billion people on the planet a reflection of me?
• Could you speak more about relationships and concretion?
• As twin flames where do you feel our frequency is vibrating right now together?
• Could you comment more on the green orbs we saw in Montuvo, Italy?
• Could you suggest any past life connection locations for us to visit?
• Why is there so much resistance to helping save our environment?   Bashar discusses The Glass Mirror.
• Do I share an oversoul with my friend?
• What are the differences between Earth Chakras and Vortices?
• Was my plane forced to stop at San Francisco airport to be closer to Mt Shasta?
• I have no lake or river nearby.  Where can I do Willa’s meditation?
• How can I correct my sleep cycle?
• Are my hybrid children connected to the rain forest?
• Who was the being who visited my mom when I was little?
• Who are the beings I see in my dreams?
• Can you help me understand my connection with ancient Egypt?
• What happens with all the information we learn on Earth when we die?
• Are dragons extra-dimensional?
• Is Cernunnos represented by a different being in Japan?
• Why do you say “welcome home” three times after The Holotope?
• Was I actually in your spaceship during last year’s outdoor contact meditation?
• Could you tell me more about the vibration of Aspen trees?
• Could you share any parallel connections that I may have?
• Is the nature of the multiverse digital?
• What causes sleep paralysis?
• How can I connect to someone who exists in a different time frame?
• Do in animate objects have consciousness?
• How can I connect to someone who exists in a different time frame?
• How can I connect more with Cybo?
• How are you going to talk to us 60 years from now?
• Could you speak more on the elementals and holiday themes?
• How is the division in our country different from a year ago?
• Did past Earth civilizations experience a split as we are experiencing today?
• Could you speak on the recent approval of undersea sonic testing?

And much more!



Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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