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Tis the Season - DVD

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2020 is almost over! Bashar has some glad tidings for us in the session “‘Tis the Season”. After a year of massive global changes in the collective consensus agreements, there is some great news. Bashar has some updates about the effects of the great shift we’ve been undergoing, about how our society is changing and specifically how it impacts our timeline for open contact in 2023. Like a Sassani Santa, he has some goodies for us — new, developing information about 2023 and what it means for our society, and a new permission slip with some simple, fun steps we can take to accelerate ourselves through the process in a way that expands our potential for contact in a more joyful and harmonious version of our world.

Session Date: December 5, 2020
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 1/2 Hours

Q&A includes:

• Regarding the US Election, will we begin to see less partisanship and more cooperation?
• Is social media helpful or harmful in our lives?
• The spiritual community has become increasingly more polarized. How can we come together?
• I am intrigued by binaural beats. Is there a specific archetypal frequency that can assist us in meditation?
• It is fascinating that our own military is releasing UFO footage.  Are the world leaders savvy to this information or are they left out of this knowledge?
• I would like to shift to a reality where Trump wins the election because I believe that this would help my finances.  Is this possible?
• I was hybridized before the age of 7 and now I cannot rest in my apartment.  Should I move?
• Could you comment on the realities that it is possible for us to shift to?
• Are potted plants still connected to the mycelial network?
• Can you speak on obligation and responsibility in relation to my projects?
• Why do I feel a negative feeling when I say no to my coworkers?
• Why do I keep recreating negative emotions? 
• In relation to our political landscape, since there are so many different perspectives, how can I figure out what is real and what is not real or a conspiracy theory?
• Is there an actual “reality”, or is it just what is real to us?
• What about dark realities, should we acknowledge that they exist?
• I went to Mt. Shasta for the fist time and felt like I was in another reality.  Are there beings living in the middle earth there?
• You have said that many people who follow you are most likely connected with the hybridization program.  Am I connected?
• Regarding the exercise from Increasing the Probability of Contact, I followed the instructions precisely but did not feel fear, but I am sure I would feel fear if I actually met one in person.  Why is this?
• I have a small tumor on my pituitary glad that I have surgically removed by keeps growing back.  What am I doing energetically to recreate this?
• Last October somebody drove straight at us and we got struck on the back of our camper van.  Why did this happen?
• Are the bush fires in Australia a reflection of the use of fossil fuels?
• Regarding 5G, in Australia it is probably not tuned to our benefit.  What can we do to counteract this?  Should we ignore it?
• Could you talk about the healing benefits and properties of hot springs?
• Could you briefly talk about the hero / villain  complex and how Hollywood has influenced the collective to see the good and bad in people, heroes and villains in people and themselves?
• Regarding acupuncture, there are 13 specific spots on the human body.  They call them ghost spots. Can you comment on how this works?
• Could you comment on the guidance and help we get from our animals? 
• What is going on when our animals take on illnesses to make something clear to us?
• Can you describe metaphorically and / or literally, how a tree would react in having a word spray painted on it?
• I have a couple fiends who participate in polyamorous relationships with no drama or judgment.  Are polyamorous relationships the doorway for a society to have similar relationships like the Sassani people have?
• Regarding our memories, why do we have them and how do they serve us?  I know that the time is always now but is that a side effect of having space and time in our dimension?
• Is there an actual spirit of Christmas?
• Is there a Winter Spirit on your world?
• What was the purpose of the Monolith in Utah and who built it?
• Can you update us on how things are progressing from your vantage point regarding the pandemic?
• Is it possible to create a permission slip to make one immune to Covid?
• Is the great divide in our nation actually necessary in our awakening in our civilization?
• What is the anti-science movement all about from your perspective?
• Can you comment on the fact that more and more people in our civilization are refusing to have children?
• We also noticed that that the idea of ETs and UFOs was popular for certain generations only.  Why is this?
• How is Open Contact beneficial to us?
• What is the relationship between ET contact and Fourth Density?
• Could you comment on the idea of leaving other people behind as we ascend?
• Can you discuss some of the challenges beginning channelers might experience?
• What is a good material to create a wand out of?
• Is there a vibrational phone # for the magical world of Avalon?
• What is your definition of conflict?
• What is your definition of a challenge?
• What is going on when someone is making decisions from unconscious beliefs?
• Are there other realms where people incarnate who are not up for the “tough” experiences of Earth?
• Why are some people late all the time?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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