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Session Date: September 14, 2019
Location: Sedona, AZ
Session Length: 2+ Hours

Bashar’s ideas are usually bigger than they first appear. In Think Outside the Box he gives us a new permission slip to help replicate that expanded, higher-dimensional way of thinking for ourselves. We can learn to detach from our ordinary way of thinking and move into a more conscious experience of the physical level of higher-energy, higher-frequency, fourth-density reality. It’s about getting to know your higher self in order to go higher. This enhanced experience of the higher self allows for a broader perspective on any topic along with a relatable application in physical life. The Sedona ET Contact Meditation* will help to crystallize this new skill so we can choose the realities we prefer in this time of transition.

Q&A includes:

• Is there a way for us to remember our true selves?
• Where are the vortexes in Europe?
• What is the best vortex to visit in Sedona?
• How can I let go of my ego?
• Did Jesus surrender his ego?
• What will happen in Japan after the 2020 US election?  Should we be scared?
• Will time speed up as we ascend?
• What is the vibrational rate of New York City?
• Is there any benefit to me living in nature?
• Is thought karma?
• Is freedom given to us by grace and not achieved?
• Did I die in this life?
• I had an experience where my husband suddenly vanished.  Was the a shift in parallel realities?
• What was the experience my husband and I had with seeing lights go through our body?
• Why has the number 13 been in my reality the past couple days?
• What is my connection to The Sassani people?
• Can we be aware of our dimensional shifts?
• Is there a vortex in south Texas?
• Could you comment on why we have the challenge with the border in the US?
• What is my current frequency?
• Are spirit guides just a permission slip?
• What density is my oversoul in?
• Are aliens using technology on me during my visitations?
• Could you comment on my spirit guides?
• Who are the Shalanaya?
• If the past is created in the now, are my memories just beliefs?  Bashar discusses the Mandela effect.
• How long does the average state of being last for?
• Do I have a reincarnation agreement with the Y’ayell?
• Why do my eyes hurt when I’m trying to astral project?
• How can I overcome the nervousness of following my passion to heal people using UV light?  Bashar discusses The Organizing Principle.
• Can you comment on my dream premonition 30 years ago?
• How can I speed up my healing process?
• How can I blend my two cultural upbringings?
• How do you gauge when you are being insistent vs persistent?
• Could you speak of the illusion of power vs the power of illusion?
• What is your definition of consciousness?
• Does the higher mind have its own higher mind?
• What if someone believes that they have been created to be unworthy?

And much more!


 *Meditation not included in this session.



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