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The Seven Neutral Needs - MP4 Video Download

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Bashar has said, many times, that you can experience positive meaning from any circumstance. In "The Seven Neutral Needs", he gives a new depth of understanding to this idea and how it may be applied. By learning to find the core neutrality in any given situation, you can be at choice about whether to perceive it positively or negatively. This session will assist you in becoming very clear about how to respond so you can stay in the moment and experience an empowered and exciting life!

Session Date: September 9, 2017
Location: Sedona, AZ
Session Length: 3 Hours

Q&A includes:

• Who is the being “Hybrid Seven”? 
• Can you more about the cultural interpretations of dragons?
• What is going on in our crazy political system?
• What was the rectangular shape object I saw floating in the ocean years ago?
• What is the unusual phenomenon occurring in the St Louis Valley in Colorado?
• Why did I come down with a fever en route to Sedona?
• Do we retain our language reference points when we die?
• Can we experience telepathy in our dream states?
• Why do we forget our past lives when we come into this life and how can we remember? How does karma carry over then?
• Where do psychics get their information?
• Was Atlantis in the Bermuda Triangle?
• What other cultures in this region were influenced by Atlantis?
• How did your society learn how to measure and manipulate etheric energy?
• In regards to our neutral needs, what can we do when air quality, water quality and food quality are compromised?
• Can you speak about triangular breathing?
• There is compelling data out there that the earth is flat.  Is this true?
• I am at a cross roads with my job right now and need to make more money.  What can I do?
• How can terrible things happen if everything is made of love?
• How can I be present and love myself?
• Can you speak on acupuncture and meridian lines?
• We adopted a kitten but it died.  Why?
• What is the deeper meaning of brain afflictions?
• What about eye afflictions?
• Are health afflictions related to the Seven Neutral Needs?
• I am manifesting things that I don’t prefer through my drawings. What can I do?
• Have the Ya’yel shown themselves yet?
• Our dog became blind suddenly.  What is this reflecting to me?
• How are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum going to reshape the financial system and in what time frame?
• What industry will cryptocurrency enhance the most?
• Is blockchain technology alien technology?
• Can the hurricane in Florida be pushed into the sea?
• The neighbor’s dog keeps barking all night, what can I do about it?   
• Did the Arcturians contact me in a dream?
• How will the apparel industry be evolving in the next few centuries?
• How can I heal my ancestral lines?
• When you need something, does it also mean you don’t have it, therefore amplifying a lack?
• When I hear a high pitched frequency when I meditate, am I downloading information?
• How can I take my channeling skills to the next level?
• Is a shadow a shadow?
• I am scared of heights, so how can I visit your ship then? 
• Can you speak more of your propulsion method?
• Are there other chambers within The Great Pyramid?
• What are the large granite boxes inside Serapeum of Saqqara used for?
• Was there a city in Mu or Lemuria called “Turk”?
• Does your ship need to be close to Darryl’s location when channeling?
• On Need #6 of The Seven Neutral Needs, do I need to connect with another person or can I create a relationship within myself to connect to?
• Is the necessity to choose your state of being built into existence? And much more! 







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