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The Relationship Between Fear and Power - MP4 Video Download


Negative belief systems influence our lives by playing into our fears. But we can learn to short circuit our negative beliefs and send that energy into a more positive direction. Once we discover the ideas that are keeping us unhappy we can break up negative patterns and use that energy to create empowerment instead of limitation. We can learn to short circuit any fears that come up, building new habits of awareness that can keep us moving in the direction of our choice. Our negativity can become a wellspring of creative energy instead of a burden if we choose to use it to raise our vibration. In this session Bashar will give us the necessary tools to examine the beliefs behind the fears and redirect that energy in the direction we most prefer. Then the energy we have freed up from fears can become joy, freedom, and self-empowerment, the gifts we can give ourselves.

Session Date: September 12, 2020
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2+ Hours

Q&A includes:

• What about anxiety and the emotions of nervousness, is that related to fear?
• What about anger and rage?
• And what about depression?
• Can other parallel lives create fear based beliefs in this reality?
• Do we have a soul’s purpose in the now?
• How does the higher mind perceive the physical mind? Does the higher mind mock us from above?
• Am I participating in the hybrid agenda in any other way besides genetically?
• What countries will the hybrid children land in?
• How does the concept of being an empath play into your teachings about Fear and Power?
• What is a good permission slip to avoid taking on someone else’s bad vibes?
• Can deep breathing rid the body of toxicity?
• I have a skin condition that is interrupting my otherwise synchronous life.  How can I resolve it?
• Are there any hidden crystal skulls in Ireland?
• What can we do about police brutality in our country?
• Is it relevant for me to heal my eyesight in less than 6 months?
• Does karma play a factor in the themes that I am experiencing in my life?
• Is it possible to be in balance and still have some form of physical ailment?
• Same for money?
• Is the 7-part master permission slip that you gave several years ago a way to ascend to that knowing that we always have what we need?
• Could you comment on the "fear of mission out" ?
• Could you elaborate on what you said in your last transmission about your method of communication changing in 2023? 
• Do you have any comments on how your information relates to the Seth teachings?
• We humans are very dependent as children and easily programmable. Where is our power in this regard?
• What about a newborn child being abandoned and left to die?
• Or an infant being raised by wild animals?
• What is a good way to approach a stubborn brain holding me back from changing?
• Is our ego inherently neutral?
• Do animals have an ego?
• I have been going through a dark night of the soul and am heavily triggered by my phobias, how can I get over them?
• Why does it take only one negative comment for me to lower my vibration?
• How can we convert fear into a viewpoint where we recognize our own power?
• Can you explain why some powers violate physical laws like teleportation and levitation?
• Is desire really the root of all suffering?
•  What is your take on celibacy?
• Do all thoughts become things?
• Could you comment on the trinity - positive , negative and neutral?

And much more!



Includes a Guided Meditation. Video version recommended.


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