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The Real Definition of Karma - MP3 Audio Download

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In The Real Definition of Karma, Bashar will provide the next step beyond our last session where we examined The Difference Between Guilt and Responsibility.  Karma is something people have been asking Bashar about for years — how it works, whether we’re stuck with negative karma from our other lives, and how we can change our karma in the present.  In this session Bashar will go deeper by sharing the original intent of the definition of karma, how it applies in our reality, and how we can use upgraded definitions of karma and other concepts to accelerate ourselves very rapidly from negative to positive states.

Session Date: April 23, 2022
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• Does karma come from other lives?
• Since time doesn’t exist, how does karma work?
• Is karma stored in our DNA?
• Is our life theme changeable?
• Do we have a choice about our next lifetime?
• Are astrology and karma related?
• Do we have karmic ties to our names?
• How do UFOs keep their occupants safe from the extreme G forces of space travel?
• How can I come back to balance after my life has fallen apart?
• How can we reinvent our excitement?

• Do we change our frequencies like Shamans?
• Do cats exist on other planets?  Do they exist on Sirius?
• Where are The Sphynx's secrets stored?
• Who are the parallel versions of "me"?
• How does karma factor into the splitting realities?
• How far are we on UFO construction?
• When will the big next leap be in AI?
• Did I clear my life Karma?
• How do I respond to someone saying I can never win?
• How can we cope with the intensities of what is going on in Ukraine?
• Why does the Evil Eye symbol look like the Sirius symbol and what does it represent?
• Did my wife complete her life theme before passing away?
• How can I best raise my children as a single parent?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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