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The Infinite Restaurant - DVD


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 Bashar continues to expand our horizons in new and exciting ways.  In The Infinite Restaurant Bashar is serving up a new technique for experiencing things from the oversoul's perspective.  By connecting with the oversoul we can better understand our counterpart lives in the past, present, and future..  This new permission slip will be a fun exercise that will allow us to experience the multiverse more directly, from the multidimensional oversoul perspective.  It's a fun way to experiment with alternate realities, like an energetic buffet, so that we can connect with other versions of ourselves.  We can use this higher-level perspective in this time of the splitting prism, guiding ourselves to the realities we most prefer, making the connections that best help us choose the reality we like best.

Session Date: August 21, 2021
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• Could you comment on simplicity in regards to permission slips?
• As we ascend, will our daytime experience become more dreamlike?
• How is water related to the Northern Lights?
• Did I see a gray when I was a child?
• Why are you not allowed to answer certain questions?
• How can we dock with a spaceship?
• Who are the first beings for open contact?
• Can you comment on the QHHT method of hypnotherapy? Who are we interacting with?
• What was the ET vision I saw while utilizing this technique?
• Who were the beings I saw after meditation to your window exercise technique?
• What are the lights that I see in the sky?
• Is touch one if the seven neutral needs?
• Do your people still benefit from physical touch?
• How can I attract a relationship?
• Do my guides mess with my head?
• Does the practice of male circumcision have a negative effect on the development of the child?
• Why do aspects of my identity offend people?
• What do humans most misunderstand about karma?
• What are walk-ins?
• Is there anything your teachings that you feel has been misunderstood by people receiving it?
• What action can we take to get used to the higher frequencies inundating us over the past months?
• Is there any action the hybrid children could benefit form their DNA relatives taking?
• How does our monetary system of fear and greed relate to contact?
• Is it important to believe in what we invest in?
• What form of currency did Atlanteans use?
• Did the idea of currency come from the Annunaki?
• Do we become more aware of the 5 laws as we raise our consciousness?
• How does the infinite restaurant relate to ascension?
• How can we balance our definitions of abundance?
• What can you share about comedy and humor?
• Does the infinite restaurant mean our choices need to be discerning?
• How does the idea of emotional eating relate to negative beliefs?
• What is your perspective on the rainbow and what its symbol means at this time?
• Are the variations in human body types linked to different ET races?
• What is the energetic and / or symbolic function of melanin?
• Does your civilization use permission slips?
• Are kachinas interdimensional beings?
• What are the deeper symbols of jaguars, coyotes and bats?
• Are musicians connecting to specific civilizations through sound?
• Where are we with the Eye of The Needle right now?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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