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The Gray Zone - MP3 Audio Download

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What are the Akashic records? How does reincarnation work? What is a walk-in? Does another being enter your body when you channel? In The Gray Zone, Bashar will address these outdated metaphysical concepts. He will explore the common misunderstandings that exist among different factions on Earth, and the transition we are experiencing in the expansion of consciousness and spirituality. In The Gray Zone, Bashar will talk about new definitions for limiting, outdated metaphysical ideas that we may have outgrown. And we can use this information to make better choices about what realities we prefer to experience as we expand into the window of open contact.

Session Date: August 27, 2022
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• What are the frequencies that you discuss?
• What is The Bermuda Triangle?
• Can you talk about the Sassan Empire?
• How can I change my instincts?
• Why do I dream so much about Siruis?
• How can we change our beliefs?
• What is my mission in life?
• What is the difference between light beings, spirit guides and Arch Angels?
• What are some simple things we can do to protect t Mother Earth?
• Do other civilizations use block chain?
• What is a good analogy to understand parallel lives?
• Is imagination the language of the higher mind or subconscious?
• How do people materialize things by thought?

• Will I know my family after I die?

• Will my pet reincarnate?

• Why do some animals choose the experience of being abused?
• Am I really communicating with the cetaceans?
 What is the best way to get information from the Akashic records?
• Can Akashic records be rewritten to change history?

• What is divine timing?  Can we influence it?

• What is the mechanism of remote viewing?

• What is shape-shifting?

• What happens to the Ego and the personality self when our lives are over?

• How can we know there is life after death?

• What are some reasons people would depart in the middle of their life?

• What is going on in the time line when Kennedy revealed aliens?

• What is going on at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah?
• Is it possible to communicate with the Covid virus?
• Is global warming real?
• Must we learn our lessons as a collective through pain?

And much more!




Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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