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The Forest Path, The Animal Path and The Elemental Path - DVD

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Join Bashar and Willa Hillicrissing on a shamanic journey into the enchanted realm of communication with the forest, the flowers and the animals as well as opportunities for close encounters with the inter-dimensional world of the Earth Elementals (Nature Spirits). First, Bashar shares information and answers your questions and then Willa completes the session with a guided meditation designed to take you to the next stage of what she has called the “Cryptic” Journey of Mastery.

Session Date: March 27, 2021
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• How can I use The Formula as a self-guiding tool?
• Could you clarify what it means to do something “to the best of my ability”?
• What do you mean when you say dampening your excitement?
• Can I communicate with plants through music?
• When we compose music are we creating something of our own or are we channeling music from higher dimensions?
• On Earth, music flows through the air.  How does music manifest in a Universe without air? 
• Are there Universes where all communication is made through music?
• Can you elaborate on how a taurus energy field works?
• What does our soul look like outside our physical body?
• Is the taurus field nested?
• Where are our belief systems stored?
• What can you tell me about our internal compass?
• Which direction does the energy come in for the sun?
• Do you have any more information on the elemental being who is interacting with me?
• Have you observed other civilizations on other planets going through their awakening and experiencing oppression?
• Are there other ET civilizations on other worlds who are being dominated by other ET races?
• Could you speak on the new systems that are being created on our planet at this time?
• Can you help me understand that the past is created in the present?
• Is it necessary to go through a process when working out negative beliefs?
• Do the Sassanian experience grief when someone dies?
• What are your thoughts on PTSD?
• Do elementals have genetics that would be compatible with ours and could we be hybridized with them?
• Are dogs connecting with elementals when they are losing themselves outdoors?
• What about cats?
• Why do children lose their interest in fairies as they grow older?
• Does Willa have any human ancestors on Earth now?
• Do all beings go through a type of life review when they die?
• What about Sassani beings, what do they experience?
• Do animals get to choose when they die?
• What is a good way to connect with Nature Spirits in the forest?
• Do elementals act as guardians for certain locations?
• How can we connect to elementals in water settings?
• One viewer experienced al elemental requesting an offering to the forest, can you elaborate on why that might be?
• Why does Willa have two hearts?
• What is the best way to support elementals in this time of planetary transition?
• Could you comment on why being in love with the Earth will bring about more contact with the elementals?
• Could you elaborate further on “The Tree People” elementals?
• Do trees experience each other as individuals?
• What is the best way to connect with a pet boa?
• Could you clarify what it means to be a precursor?
• What is the name of your ship?
• Was the ship that crashed at Roswell the same kind of ship?
• Do stories and fictional universes actually exist in their own right?
• Can we visit inner earth?
• Where is a good place to go to to connect with Atlantis?
• Is the Bimini road a good place to connect with Atlantean energy?
• Does each version of a person have a different soul?
• When people die at the same time, are they aware of the other people dying too?
• Is there anything we can do to consciously choose the way we die? 
• Why did Steve Irwin die if he was following his passion?
• Energetically or mechanically speaking, what does it mean to be grounded or ungrounded?
• What is driving or causing the splitting of parallel realities and why is it happening now?
• What are you comments on the vaccine and negative beliefs?
• Could you share anything about primate and human DNA beings so similar?
• Why do humans experience pain in childbirth much more than other animals?
• What would you say is the greatest human paradox?
• If you reach a plateau, what’s the simplest way to raise your vibration?
• Could you speak on childhood trauma being recreated?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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