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The Difference Between Guilt and Responsibility - MP3 Audio Download

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2022 is the last phase of the “Eye of the Needle” and is a critical time for letting go of limiting beliefs that slow down our transformation. In the past, we have had certain automatic, conditioned responses to many circumstances and situations that made us believe that we had to react in a certain way. These outdated, negative beliefs have kept us anchored to the past in ways that we no longer need to experience. By understanding the difference between guilt and responsibility, it allows us to let go of guilt and choose responsibility, and it is with our ability to respond that we move our lives to the next level of empowerment and freedom.

Session Date: March 26, 2022
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• My wife passed away last Friday and I feel such guilt and responsibility to help my young children who now have no mother figure.  Can you help?
• Are we obligated to maintain relationships with family members who we are no longer close to?
• How can I deal with my abusive parent who has demensia?
• What are your thoughts on guilt and religion?
• How can we move on from the guilt of our own past actions?
• Is there such a thing as a "bad" life?
• How can we achieve self love if we don’t know what it feels like?
• Is my passion irresponsible?
• How can I overcome the guilt of changing careers when others have helped my accomplishments?
• What is the best way to release negative beliefs that keep coming up, or at least become neutral?
• How can I differentiate between excitement and anxiety?
• How does ADD relate to shifting excitements?
• Do all beings in existence experience positive, negative and neutral perspectives?
• Is there a device in nature that has carefully recorded history?
• How does the placebo effect work?
• How can we observe realities we don’t prefer if we can only perceive the realities we are a vibration of?
• How can the idea of The Glass Wall be applied to people experiencing war?
• What happens when a soul completes their soul contracts?
• Do we contain the consciousness of angels?
• Did my early childhood illness happen because of my negative beliefs?

• What are your thoughts on replacement of body organs with technology?
• Do we need to be vegan to be evolved?
• What are your thoughts on lab grown meat?
• How can I convince my brother to move out of Poland to where it is safe?
• Why do people get crazy during a full moon?
• What is the secret to a long lasting marriage?
• Which city should I live in?
• Does guilt get stuck in the body?
• Why was it out of integrity on the part of the Anunnaki to create humans?
• Did the Sasquatch have connections to The Ancient Orion system?

• Is warfare and oppression a genetic problem?
• Can we have a life review without dying?
• Which Biblical stories are related to Atlantis?
• Is the New Age community losing its integrity?
• What are you thoughts on Born Again Christians?
• How does Smokey Quartz help clearing?
• Who are the beings who help me in my reiki sessions?
• Why is the frequency of 7.85 hz the cycle of the Earth?
• What are you thoughts on Born Again Christians?
• What is love?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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