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The Council of 13 and The Crystal Skulls - DVD Set

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Bashar returns to San Francisco for The Council of 13 and The Crystal Skulls.   Bashar discusses the idea of The Council of 13, its relationship to our earth and interdimensional consciousnesses. Bashar speaks on the Crystal Skulls and their connections to energies here on our world, as well as other civilizations off planet, as we accelerate forward in our evolution towards becoming The Sixth Hybrid Race.  

Also in attendance, alongside Bashar was the world famous Michell-Hedges Crystal Skull, said by Bashar to be one of the 13 original first generation master skulls in existence, and storage device of ancient knowledge. The crystal has been called “The Skull of Love” by caretaker Bill Homann, who  states: “I believe the main message is one of universal love. The skull works to open the heart of man to help us realize that we are all connected, all human life, all animal life, all plant life, all mineral life, thought universal love, on this planet.”  Join us and experience the unique vibrations of this very special artifact, amplified by Bashar’s message of passion and excitement.

Session Date: April 20, 2019
Location: San Francisco, CA

File Sizes: High Resolution 480p Download (4 files): 809 mb, 792 mb, 972 mb and 1.1 gig - Low Resolution 360p Download (4 files): 312 mb, 306 mb, 376 mb and 430 mb

Q&A includes:

• What is my connection to Bashar?
• Can you tell us about a new ET race?
• What is my synchronicity trying to tell me?
• Why are the crystals shaped like skulls and not dodecahedrons or hearts?
• Could you comment on how crystals and stones store knowledge?
• Why does juggling help me be more in the now?
• Can you expand on the original Atlantean priesthood in relation to Thoth and the crystal skulls?
• Could you comment on the Emerald Tablets of Thoth translations?
• Some mystery schools say to not share personal experiences, can you comment?
• I am becoming healthy but still have a habit of vaping, could you comment?
• What is the connection of Thoth and Jesus?
• Where is the original master skull?
• Is the energy in the master skull here to assist in humanity?
• How can we manifest our best reality for the year 2050?
• How would you assess our current paradigm right now?
• Could you tell me where I visited during an out of body experience?
• What is the inner earth?
• Was I tuning into different parallel selves in my recent out of body experience?
• How can I rekindle my relationship with my husband?
• How can I deepen my practice of quantum touch?
• Could you comment on shape-shifters?
• How can we use parallel realities to change things in this life?
• Does the oversoul or higher mind create our unconscious choices?
• Do animals have the same mechanisms like parallel realities?
• Have can we become less judgmental?
• Will I become a channel?
• Is there a divine will?
• How can I best support the collective?
• How can we best pray for the earth?
• How was The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull made?
• Were there two identical skulls created like The Mitchell-Hedges?
• Was one of the 13 master skulls found in a chamber in Egypt last year?
• Is there a red crystal skull in a volcanic chamber in Hawaii?
• Is the knowledge of the universe contained in the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull?
• Where will we find some of the major crystal skulls in the near future?
• Could you comment on the vast city found underwater off the coast of Cuba?
• Could you comment on the reflective nature of crystal skulls?
• How can I use the skull as a permission slip to access a certain timeline?
• Are the crystal skulls sentient?
• Could you comment on the crystal skull guardians?
• Is the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull connected with Atlantis?
• I saw visions of the 13 skulls during a meditation. Could you comment?
• Are the crystal skulls all human skulls?
• Which race was Culiacán?
• How are the Maya related to the Atlantean people?
• How many miles above Sedona is your ship?
• Who are you from your perspective?
• Who am I?
• Can you describe more about the next dimension, the world of peace and joy?
• What is the Universe?
• What is existence?
• Why do I have a fear of losing control to universal love?
• Why do I fall out of control?
• Why would I manifest a reality where my sister commit suicide?
• Will my deceased loved one reincarnate?
• Are The Serafim connected to the winged serpants?
• Could you comment on lion energy?
• Where was the ship from that I saw recently?
• My process seems more intense as I follow my excitement.  Can you comment?
• What is the symbology of the burning of Notre Dame cathedral?
• What size is the master skull?
• Could you comment on how plastic effects the earth and how we can make plastics out of sunflowers?
• I can see people’s auras.  Can you comment?
• Could you tell me more about the being named Elan?
• Could you speak more on the burning bush that Moses saw?
• How did the 10 plagues happen?
• Were The Jews saved by an alien race?
• Is Hebrew The Annunnaki’s language?
• Could you expand on The Ten Commandments?
• Have I met the Hybrid Kids in my dreams?
• Could you comment on the visions we see when we’re gazing into a crystal skull?
• Is it possible to duplicate the crystal skulls energies in a lab?
• Is the 3rd hall of records in Atlantis in the area that the skull was found?
• How do other crystal skulls interact with this one like Max and Shanarah?
• Is there any correlation with the skull and Passover?
• What is the connection between ETs and the Crystal Skulls?
• How is AI connected to the Crystal Skulls?

And much more!



Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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