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Tell Them Bashar Sent You - DVD

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In Increasing the Probability of Contact, Bashar gave us a technique to get used to the idea of face-to-face contact with extraterrestrials, the first steps in not being afraid. In Tell Them Bashar Sent You, Bashar takes us to the next step in preparing for first contact. This method will be especially useful for those who are already doing the exercise from Increasing the Probability of Contact, which was about getting used to the idea consciously, training your nervous system not to be startled. In Tell Them Bashar Sent You he will show us how to recall more of encounters we may remember as dreams, and how to be more lucid in dream encounters with extraterrestrials. This process will help expand your lucid dreaming and open new, unimagined doors to contact as the prism continues to split.

Session Date: May 22, 2021
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• How does being in our own reality relate to contact?
• How can I tell if what I am seeing is relevant for me or if it is just something behind the glass wall?
• What about beliefs that keep reappearing, even though I realize intellectually that they are not logical?
• Is the portal in Romania a step towards open contact?
• What is my frequency right now?
• What is the archetype of DNA?
• Is  the Oracle of Delphi related to DNA?
• How is it related to Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull?
• Does experience rely on time?
• How do we experience continuity if we are experiencing multiple realities at once?
• Is everything that happens to us predetermined?
• Could you comment more on the idea that Darryl is your past self?
• Could you speak more on the concept of Earth as a school?
• Do our cross-connections influence each other?
• How can I overcome my vulnerability and shame?
• Is everything that we choose predetermined?
• Why would shifting frames change our past?  Bashar discusses time travel.
• What does Jesus Christ’s life mean for us in physical reality, including the part about “dying for our sins”?
• What can you tell us about the upcoming disclosure of UFOs by our government?
• Are there lower vibrational ETs working with other governments in the world here?
• Could interacting with The Grays cause psychic shock?
• What kinds of roles will ambassadors have here on Earth in regards to contact?
• Why did The Grays mutate themselves instead of setting up a colony on another planet?
• Do The Greys have a special connection to the UK?
• Did you have mentors?  Were humans involved?
• Are there second and third contact specialists in your society?
• What ET groups were early humans connected to?
• What are some of the forms of entertainment your society enjoys?
• Will open contact coincide with NASA’s moon mission in 2023?
• Do ETs have control over our nuclear codes?
• What does Earth look like in your time frame?
• What can you tell us about our relationship to the cetaceans in that time frame?
• Are pandemics a catalyst for massive change?
• What is our current relationship with the Sirius beings?
• Can you update us on your prediction on the Eastern bloc?
• What can you tell us about the Sasquatch civilization?
• Could you comment on the practice of ancient mirror work?
• How does your existence relate to being in a lucid dream?
• How can we experience lucidity without the assistance of psychedelics?
• Can large cats experience interdimensional beings?
• What can you tell us about zoo animals who are developing relationships with their caretakers?
• How can we find time to follow our excitement?
• What is your take on the phrase “If You Love Someone Set Them Free”?
• How do hormones play into the idea of romance?
• How will our collective theme changes as we ascend?
• How will dating evolve in the future?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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