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What does it mean to love unconditionally? And what would our lives look like if we did? In Bashar’s Valentine’s Day message, Matters of the Heart, he will go in-depth on how we can best express love and compassion inwardly and outwardly. Some of us may find unconditional love challenging or elusive, or not be sure about manifesting it in our own lives. Bashar is giving us a detailed explanation of how the higher mind and heart mind work together to let higher-frequency energies inform our feelings. Those expanded, loving feelings can guide and mold our belief systems to create the physical personality and the lives we most prefer.

Session Date: February 26, 2022
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• Will we lose our loved ones as we go through the splitting prism?
• What are nightmares?
• Is there any guidance you might have to release subconscious beliefs?
• How can I stop identifying with my labels?
• How can I not be so judgmental?
• Is the story of humankind’s evolution accurate?
• Why do I have so many entities trying to come through at the same time during channeling?
• Can you help me overcome my fear or failure and success?
• Why does it seem like energy is stored in certain parts of the body?
• How do you discern intention from expectation?
• What happens when we get goosebumps?
• How can I stop comparing myself to others?
• Do I move too fast in life?
• Do you have thoughts on polyamory? Will jealousy always be a part?
• Is there a DNA transfer with sex or even kissing?
• What role do LGBTQ people play in ascension?
• How does higher communication work with loved ones who have passed?
• Is death a state or a place?
• Do some spirits linger in the death state?
• Can we remember our souls attaching to the fetus?
• Will Alzheimers ever be cured?
• Is the heart chakra more important than other chakras in the body?
• How can I experience unconditional love with my deceased daughter?
• What happens multidimensionally to people who have heart transplants?
• How can we transform unrequited love?
• How can I tame my ego?
• How can I drop my expectations while following The Formula?
• How will I know if I am following my excitement or just avoiding fears?
• How long do "real" emotions last?
• In the future will we be able to see and touch our loved ones who have passed?
• What is the strangest core that you have discovered on another planet?
• Is everything made out of love?  Even the criminals?
• Do The Hybrids go through adolescent crushes like people on Earth do?
• Are there negative oriented beings in 5th Density?
• Do your people laugh?
• Why has Darryl's style of channeling Bashar changed over the past 35 years?
• Are there ET civilizations run by dictators?
• Do black holes have higher intelligence?
• Why do we never find the remains of Sasquatch?
• Why did Putin invade Ukraine?
• Do ETs have the capabilities to avert nuclear war?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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