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Limitations Unlimited - DVD

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Bashar has lovingly called the humans of Earth “the Masters of Limitation”. In Limitations Unlimited, Bashar explores, in-depth, a new understanding of positive and negative limitations. By unlocking the positive power of limitations you can expand your ability to manifest the life of your dreams! Includes a Holotope meditation!

Session Date: September 10, 2017
Location: Sedona, AZ
Session Length: 1h 48m

Q&A includes:

• Should I move to Santa Fe, New Mexico?
• Could you comment more on my current frequency?
• Could you comment more on the idea of shifting the hurricane in Florida?
• Do you have any techniques on shifting?
• Could you comment more on gravity? 
• Will we be able to travel the way that you do in the upcoming years?
• Have I had contact with the Sasquatch?
• Was I abducted in the 70s?
• What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
• Who is Cybo the trickster?
• How do you say thank you in Essassani?   
• I am seeing things that look like your ships in my videos I am filming of Niburu.  What are they?  
• Why have I been seeing our family crest in many of my photographs?
• What is most vital to teach our children at this time?
• Can humans have no preferences?
• Did anything result from the “30 Days of Disclosure” postcard campaign?
• What is the probability of disclosure this year?
• Were you pumping energy through the Sedona vortex during the solar eclipse?
• Will consuming silica help us transform into crystalline based beings?
• What is the nature of sexual energy transfer? Do you transfer karmic loads or beliefs get exchanged?
• How can one consciousness be streamed through two separate bodies?
• What is the most effective way to help raise the planet’s frequency?
• I am excited by too many things and I feel like its a distraction.  Am I overexcited?
• How can I develop my own channeling skills? 
• Are the triangles I am seeing in the forest related to the fungal network of mycelium? 
• Why does my body make involuntary movements like waving at the moon?  
• I am creating a replica of a Shaddock.  Can you give me some tips on stone selection?
• How can we manifest a child?
• What is the significance of the amber alert that happened during the event?
• Are my self portraits pictures of me in different dimensions?
• What about a mirror reflections?  And much more!





Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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