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Is the Earth Flat? - DVD

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Bashar explains what's causing the growing debate at this time in our transformation about whether the Earth is a globe or whether it's flat.

Session Date: June 15, 2018
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2+ Hours

Q&A includes:

• Is the belief that the Earth is flat being filtered through a negative belief?
• Was the show Star Trek channeled?
• Do I have hybrid children and / or implants?

• Are the orange ships I am seeing related to Arcturus?
• Am I connected with the Grays?
• Are Epsilon, Eclipse and Epiphany a sentient beings?
• What are my Orion connections?
• Is Anubis related to your father?
• Is there a specific temple that represents Anubis?
• Do the nine Egyptian Gods have anything to do with the Council of Nine?
• Do you have a permission slip to overcome dizziness?
• What information do you have to share with us about DMT?
• What do you have to say about blood types and origin?
• Do dinosaurs exist?
• How much of the our past is actually our past? 
• What is the relationship between anxiety and excitement?
• Are our belief systems non-physical?
• Are there limits to the imagination?
• Could you comment on the groups that agreed to meet your spaceship but chickened out?
• Bashar discusses the "What would I have to believe is true?" and "What am I most terrified will happen?" lines of self-questioning.
• What happens when we talk to our own version of you?
• As portrayed in the film "The Matrix", has humanity ever been controlled by a dark force such as the the Illuminati?
• How can we blend the ideas of love and sex in a balanced way?
• How do you handle relationships in your culture?
• You have spoken on how Beethoven’s 7th Symphony encompasses the perfect harmonics for healing.  What about Beethoven’s 9th, "The Ode to Joy"?
• Could you elaborate on how the indigenous people of South America can use frog secretions to achieve luck?
• In our culture, why do rock stars tend to have statistically shorter life spans?
• Is it necessary to make peace with all our personality fragments?
• What is the true story of The Garden of Eden?
• Will our genetic markers open up over time?
• How does shape-shifting work?
• Could you comment on the breathing patterns of whales that I connected with during a meditation?
• Will I be able to live for another 700 years so I can meet Willa?
• I had a dream that someone trespassed on my property.  Is this a contact experience?
• What is my current signature frequency?  Is it close to my intentions?
• How am I doing on my path to 4th density?
• How can I deepen my connection to trees?
• Can you tell me more about the cryptics and the nocturnals?
• Does my daughter speak to her hybrid siblings through dolls?
• My daughter connects to a doe but she has antlers.  Who is she?
• Could you speak more on Willa's "Divinorum"?
• Do the Anunnaki exist now?
• Is Avalon, England a portal to Lemuria?
• What is the purpose of my walks in the underworld lately?
• Could you comment more on the volcanic activity in Hawaii?
• Can deities, elementals and faeries live on ships?
• Is it a positive or negative thing that we spay and neuter dogs and cats?
• Could you speak about how solar flares relate to ascension?

And much more!


Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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