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Increasing the Probability of Contact - DVD

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Bashar has told us many times that we can’t experience anything we’re not the vibration of. That is true for meeting advanced life forms, too. With Increasing the Probability of Contact, Bashar gives us a fun, interactive new permission slip we can use to help raise our frequency to connect more easily with the Sassani and others. People often ask about their vibration and how to raise it. This exercise can be repeated as often as you wish, to make your vibration more and more compatible with the energies of advanced beings, and make contact with them more likely.

Session Date: August 15, 2020
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours

Q&A includes:

• How can we use encounters with “scary” situations to gauge our readiness for contact?
• What is happening in the cocoon of the monarch butterfly?  Do we have the ability top transform like them?
• Is the human fetal DNA that is taken off world for use in the hybridization program an energetic or physical process?
• Is releasing part of following your passion?
• Does not having insistence of outcome mean getting rid of all expectations?
• What is the role of the go-betweens between humanity and ETs?
• Could you comment on the wearing of masks and social distancing in relation to personal and collective belief systems?
• What is the energy state that we should have while voting?
• Could you comment on the Sierpinski Gasket?
• What are other parallel versions of Earth doing to deal with the virus?
• Does Sasquatch play a role in ET contact?
• Which hybrid child did I see at Bell Rock?
• Is it possible to develop a language of symbols between ourselves and our higher minds?
• Regarding "Acting to the best of your ability", once you are engaged in that action, should this be the primary focus?
• Could you explain the part of the formula "Acting as far as you can"?
• How do plans fit into the formula?
• Could the path of least resistance contain no resistance?
• How can I deal with the uncertainty in my life?
• Could you define what it really means to be in love in a relationship?
• What is the relationship between Isis and Anubis?
• Was Isis an Annu?
• Could you comment on morphic fields and bubble realities?
• Could you give me a recap on the formula?
• Is it accurate to say that excitement is the "most positive feeling"?
• How can I discern between excitement and anxiety, like for example when I am telling myself to exercise?
• Do you have any comments on the heart and Coronavirus?
• Do I have a counterpart or connection to The Orion Black league?
• When is non-judgment ignorance?
• What kind of negative belief do you think the planetary consciousness is holding to attract a virus such as the coronavirus?
• Do you have a permission slip for me to think better?
• Did I have experiences with the Grays?
• How do feeling of remorse with tears help in self forgiveness? 
• Could you clarify on we are humans and not aliens, even if we feel more connected to other worlds?
• What was "Manna" that the Jews had sent to them from the sky for their nourishment while they were in the desert leaving Egypt?
• Does the African slave trade happen in the timeline where the Indian Federation retains control of North America?
• How does the nature and vegetation differ on your world?
• What is the primary purpose and benefit of ET contact?
• I really want to be in contact with an ET but how can I get over the resistance?
• If we build a landing pad, will you come?
• What is the accurate depiction of the eyes of a hybrid?
• Are larger eyed beings more evolved?
• Do you still have eye movement?
• Since you are tel-empathic, what is the function of your ears?
• Can you update us on The Precursors here on Earth?
• What is the purpose of the hybridization program?
• How are the hybrids different from us?  Are they less emotional?
• Will the Yay’yel be the first to make contact?
• Could you comment on ET healing?
• How far above Bell Rock is your ship currently?
• What is the current timing of The Eye of The Needle?
• Could you explain how our behavior and the glass wall factor in to the Covid pandemic?
• Is there a parallel reality where the virus was man-made and a parallel reality where it was made in nature?
• Could you comment on choosing the reality we want and denying what is?
• Is it purposeful to visualize world peace?

And much more!


 Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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