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What was the great Atlantean disaster, and what caused it? And what became of the survivors? How is their influence seen in modern cultures? Importantly, how can we apply the Atlantean disaster to what’s happening on Earth right now? Bashar will be revealing all of this in Hidden History: What Happened to the Atlantean Survivors. Because many places on our planet are currently replaying the same sort of experiences that happened in the later Atlantean period, those messages across time, about our own ancient history, are more relevant now than ever before. We can use this information to go in a different direction rather than repeating the cycle that took Atlantis down.

Session Date: July 30, 2022
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• Why haven’t we discovered more remnants of the Atlantean civilization?
• What artifacts were preserved in the preparation for the destruction of Atlantis?
• What was the size of Atlantis?
• How did the Atlanteans dress?
• Were there other advanced civilizations on the planet at the time of the Atlantis?
• Did the Atlanteans have nuclear weapons?
• Is the Minoan writing system from Atlantean times?
• Was Noah from the Bible an Atlantean?
• Were the Atlanteans in close contact with the cetaceans?
• Did hubris draw in the comet that destroyed Atlantis?
• Are we on a parallel Earth where we are protected from nuclear war?
• Was Poseidan the last king of Atlantis?
• Are there keys to The Atlantean records?
• Was Atlantis a patriarchy or matriarchy?
• What is the best way to plan and allow synchronicity to work?
• Why did Europe seem so different when I came back?  Was I in a different frequency? 
• Is 4th Density quasi-physical?
• Why did my synchronicity go away?
• Why are people in the collective consciousness so different like my family?
• Do I still need to pay taxes?
• Have I make more direct contact with higher dimensional beings?
• Why do I fear attracting something who will take advantage of me?
• What is the massive complex underneath the pyramids?
• Are there civilizations who are not tied to the hybridization agenda?
• What is terrets syndrome?

• Could you tell me more about the Sasquatch being I met?
• How can I enhance my kitty’s experience?
• Can we have a counterpart as a rock?
• Are all relationships a reflection of our state of being?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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