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Earth Zero - DVD

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Each moment, the entire Earth shifts back to the zero template, in the same way that each individual is a new person every moment. Using this knowledge can help everyone navigate more consciously through various parallel versions of Earth to shift to their preferred reality.

Session Date: June 22, 2019
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2+ Hours

Q&A includes:

• Could you comment on us using astrology as a reflection?
• Do hybrid children age?
• Is light a higher vibration than water?
• Could you comment further on voting in the upcoming election?
• What if voting is not our highest excitement?
• How can I find the crystal skull in Thailand?
• What is the archetypal energy of the Qucumatz skull?
• From your perspective, what is the difference between schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder?
• What future do you see for Japan?
• Will there be a technology available to make clean water available for everyone in the future?
• How can I not feel animosity over my dreams not coming true?
• What is the future of spirituality in Japan?
• What action can each of us take to flood the earth with love?
• What star race has the strongest soul connection to the Japanese people?
• In a 12 strand DNA model, how many strands am I on right now?
• Could you speak on the idea of “easiness”?
• Are my parallel selves sentient?
• Am I connected to mantis and Pleadean energy?
• Do I have hybrid children?
• Would it be accurate to say that each frame or existence is a representation of all that is?
• What I the relationship between expansion of consciousness and compassion?
• Are The Greys on a higher frequency than we are?
• Is a vibration lower than 144,000 cycles per second a negative state of being?
• Could you speak on plants as teachers?
• Why does Willa still need to use plant medicines?
• How do you perceive Darryl’s finger injury?
• Could you comment more on Nassim Haramein’s tetrahedral crystal?
• Do you have any tools that can enhance our technological experiments?
• Do you have any further comments with our locational variable experiment?
• What about the space time coil?
• Can you comment about spinning noble gas plasma?
• What are the mechanics behind narcissism?
• What is an example of a Sassani permission slip?
• Are the crystal skull masters connected to Draco?
• What is the relationship between Ra and Thoth?
• Is cause and effect a belief?
• Is it possible to reduce the time it takes to learn a language or an instrument?
• Who are the beings who are responsible for changing other’s DNA for the purpose of evolution?
• What is my connection to Morning Star?
• Can you help me find my lost cat?
• Do you have any comments on the recent UFO / USO activity off of San Diego?
• When there are already multiple parallel earths, why the split into two at this time?

And much more!




Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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