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Dolphin Triangle Crystal Pendant

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Dimensions: 1.25"


Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka, is a “First Contact Specialist” and a diplomatic representative of his extraterrestrial world, a planet called Essassani. His focus is to help prepare us on Earth for future contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. As Bashar has explained, a major aspect of our preparation for contact is our own personal transformation and the expansion of our consciousness to a new level of awareness.

Of the extraterrestrial civilizations that are connecting with us, the Sirius consciousness associated with the star system of Sirius has deep connections to many people here on Earth. The calling to integrate with the water of our planet and experience the dolphins is often a symptom of those who harmonize with the energy of this star system.  Swimming and interacting with the dolphins, a species very different than our own, can, as Bashar has suggested, act as a preparation and precursor to extraterrestrial contract.

These beautiful, deep blue crystals are accompanied with a special guided meditation created by Bashar to activate and integrate you with the energy of the crystal, the dolphins and the Sirius star system.

Each quartz crystal is unique, specially grown and infused with cobalt resulting in the deep blue color of the ocean, with the symbol of Sirius etched upon the surface. The crystals were created through a collaboration of Bashar and Darryl with the help of Kirby Seid, master crystal artisan, and April Rochelle, dolphin communicator.

Activating and wearing the dolphin triangle crystal pendant is the first stage in recognizing our kinship with the Cetaceans. It is a statement and Invitation to recognize part of dolphin/human community. This pendant acts as permission slip to help you connect to the cetaceans as well as with Sirius.


Please note: The price listed, above, is the crystal pendant ($199) plus insurance fees. We require insurance on the crystal in case it gets lost in transport, so that we can either reship your order or refund you the cost of the crystal.

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