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The window for ET Contact is approaching and Bashar can now share more about the UFO sightings our government is now revealing! In Breaking News, Bashar will discuss various craft that have been filmed and tell us more about them both individually and as a group, so we can understand the role they are playing in our process of becoming galactic citizens. He will also explore the different ways people are thinking about UFOs now and how our conversations and media coverage of these events impact the actual timeline and unfoldment of first contact. Join us to learn more about these first steps on the road to contact and the important clues they contain!

Session Date: July 24, 2021
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• What will be the effect of a UFO television series I produced?
• What is the best way for The Preparers to help assist The Precursors?
• How many hybrid children do I have nowadays?
• Am I related to al little girl I met in Africa on a soul level?
• What are they doing on the Tic Tac ships right now?
• Is there any association between the hybrid children and faceted gems?
• In the Grey timeline, did they have ET beings channeling information to them?
• Can you recommend a challenge that would help us shift to a more positive collective?
• How can we better discern what our actual excitement is?
• Could you comment more on what you mean that if you change on the inside,  the outside world will change?
• Are there permission slips for connecting with the higher mind?
• Is the higher mind all-knowing?
• Could you further explain the oversoul?  Is it a group of souls working together?
• You speak about the grays operating as a hive mind.  Isn’t that the same as operating as a collective?
• How can I use something negative to make positive changes in my life?
• How can I get over rejection?
• Can cats reincarnate back into our lives?
• What is the pain in my body trying to tell me?
• When I speak to my inner child, who actually is it?
• What caused you to become a first contact specialist and what other life paths do your people have?
• How do you experience the passing of 30 plus years of channeling to us from your perspective?
• Is there any particular place you would recommend to see a craft?
• Should we be using technology as a stepping stone towards more intuitive connection?
• Could you comment on the use of gold to help the effects of climate change?
• How can we use the five laws to shift to a reality where a traumatic event never happened?
• What is going on with conspiracy theories?  Are they true?
• After we die do we still work on resolving some of the same issues that we had in our life?
• Is negativity made of love?
• Are those who have gone faster into the darkness able to go farther into the light?
• Is there some benefit to having experienced a lot of suffering?
• What is the threshold of believability test and how can it help us identify our limiting beliefs?
• What’s the anecdote to feeling unworthy?
• Will technology evolve to assist us in talking to our higher selves?
• Can you speak about the potential to course correct in our physical reality?
• Since we are creating different versions of people at every moment, then who are we actually in a relationship with?
• What do the folds in the brain do and why do some animals have more folds than even humans?
• How are humans different from gray or Sasquatch brains?
• Is it possible to communicate with the coronavirus?
• How do viruses and bacteria relate to the idea that physical reality is an illusion?
• Can you comment on the idea of dolphins representing the higher minds of humans?
• Bats can echolocate and so can dolphins. Is there a symbolic reason why bats carry viruses that tend to effect humans?
• Why do UFOs have different shapes and designs?
• How can we prepare human children for ET contact?
• What can you say about resistance from main stream religion to the face that humans are hybrids and were created by an ET race and not by God?
• Can you tell us more about the role that AI will play in our future?
• Can you tell us more about the 4th Hyrbrid race?
• Who will be the first race to have open contact with us?
• Were there high level meetings held on Jupiter between ETs and Earth’s leaders?
• What can you tell us about Eisenhower’s contact with ETs?
• What can you tell us about the Sassani empire and its ET connections?
• Are other beings from your race interacting with us now?
• What’s the difference between ETs and angels?
• Will ETs help us clean up our planet?
• What ecosystems do you see as the most vulnerable at this time?
• Who will do all the menial work as we evolve?
• What was the purpose of the tetrahedral UFO that hovered over the Pentagon and The Kremlin?
• When you land on our planet, will you land near Darryl and have a TV interview?
• Can you tell us something about your parents?
• Do you have siblings?

And much more!



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