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A Step Along The Way - DVD

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The Formula shared by Bashar leads you to a life of excitement, fulfillment and “synchronism” -  Always being in the right place at the right time! Sometimes, though, following your passion may seem daunting when work, obligations and other challenges crop up. In “A Step Along the Way” Bashar will address these issues and explore how you can recognize the next best steps for you to take that will unerringly keep you on the path towards the fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

Session Date: April 27, 2021
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• Why did synchronicity make me lose my job?
• Is my self esteem keeping me from having a good relationship with my spouse?
• Did humans inherit archetypal symbology from both the Sasquatch and The Anunnaki when they were hybridized?
• How do you interact with archetypes in your civilization?
• There used to be a Sassanian Empire in The Middle East.  Is it related to your civilization?
• Can you tell me the difference between inspiration and motivation?
• How can put myself out there even though my family might not bet supportive?
• What does it mean to wake up from the dream into true reality?
• Where is the line that physical reality ends?
• Can we be in the dream and be non-physical?
• Is the dream itself the idea that there is another?
• Is there always positive and negative from within the awakening process?
• Is there always going to be consciousness inhabiting all of the frames of reality?
• What happens to the consciousness that was inhabiting the frame that I shift to?
• You once said when you learn to do more with less you can do less and get more. Can you elaborate on that?
• What are Kachinas and how can we work with them?
• I've experienced sleep paralysis, flying dreams, and conscious out-of-body experiences. What do they mean?
• How can you sense the energy of someone you barely know and channel detailed information about their personal life?  
• Can The Schumann Resonance cancel the negative effects of 5G?
• How does power relate to placebo?
• Is Devil's Tower the remnant of an ancient giant tree trunk?
• Is there a specific frequency that can help us manifest faster if we would listen on headphones while visualizing our desire?
• You've said the Earth's theme of exploration is the transformation of darkness to light.  What other themes and explorations are possible on other worlds?
• What is the theme of the Essassani?
• How can we evolve towards sleeping less and why do we need sleep?
• Can you comment on the recent release of the pyramid shaped UFO footage?
• How can we steer clear of the path of The Grays?
• I am a vegan, but how else can humanity be inspired to be kinder to animals?
• Why would animals choose to be incarnated into a reality where they would be enslaved and abused?
• Will we ever stop experiencing the negative polarity?
• What kinds of technological advancements do you see for us in the next 80 years?
• Are ghosts real?
• What does Covid represent vibrationally?
• What would you say to people who are afraid of following their passion?
• Is the movie Avatar accurate?
• Are The Blue Men The 7th Hybrid race?
• How far in the future is your civilization from the initial hybridization here on Earth?
• How did your civilization contribute to the 7th Hybrid race?
• Will there be a lot of resistance on Earth to the idea of hybrids living on the planet?
• Are there any physical monuments on the Earth now that are symbols for the Anunnaki?
• How did The Anunnaki accomplish the original hybridization process?
• How was this process kept hidden from the Anunnaki authourities?
• What can you tell us about Göbekli Tepe? Is it an Atlantean remnant?
• What about the building of the pyramids of Giza?
• How did the ancient people perceive ETs?
• What is the difference between density and dimension?
• Is there a single clock for the whole universe?
• What’s the difference between the higher mind, the soul and spirit guides?
• Could you speak more on how others are a reflection of our own consciousness?
• Do physically incarnated beings have free will and creative power or is that just an illusion?
• When we are surrendering to our flow, what exactly are we surrendering to?
• Can you speak more on invalidating what you don’t prefer?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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