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1 - 3 - 5 - 7 -11 - A Refresher Course DVD Set

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In this transmission, Bashar will give a review of the core concepts he has given over the years, and how they fit together especially in this time of ascension. He has discussed The One, the Trinity, the Five Laws, the Seven Needs, and the 11 Elements of Excitement. He has discussed the idea of releasing your attachment to who you were, and allowing yourself to be drawn through The Eye of the Needle by the person you prefer to become instead. The preferred version of ourselves understands and integrates the 1-3-5-7-11 concepts automatically, and thus operates at a much higher vibration than the people we may have been in the past. We can strengthen our connection to these concepts now, becoming more aware of our acceleration and the expanded range of choices that comes with a higher vibration. With this session Bashar will reinforce and anchor those principles so they may work automatically and harmoniously to guide you through the splitting prism in the best possible way.

Session Date: July 18, 2020
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 + Hours

Q&A includes:

• How can we adapt so we can live completely in harmony with nature?
• Can the metatron cube be an expression of absolute consciousness?
• How can we stretch the idea of time?
• Is there any relation between your ancient language and Sanskrit?
• Could you elaborate on why communicating with dolphins and whales is a good way to prepare for ET contact?
• Are my past life recollections with the dolphins real?
• How can I keep the momentum going of connecting with the dolphins when I am not with them?
• How can we adapt given the upheaval we are experiencing at the moment?
• How can I use the copper pyramid I constructed to attract UFOs?
• Will spinning at 33 rpms enhance my journey as a breatharian?
• Many people feel restricted by the idea of wearing masks and other limitations that are imposed on us at this time.  What are you comments about that?
• How does the reflective mirror relate to our current pandemic?
• What can you tell me about the yogic mudras?
• What do the hybrid children like to eat?
• How do the hybrid children spend their days?
• What kind of games do the hybrid children play?
• Regarding The Eye of the Needle and forgiveness, how do you know whether you have succeeded in forgiving others and yourself?
• Why are immune deficiency illnesses so prevalent at this moment?
• Is it possible to go back into nature to allow a healing process for a disease?
• Is Planck time a specific measurement for our dimension?
• Does going through the light tunnel seen in many near-death experiences subject the soul to more Earth incarnations?
• What are your thoughts on the occasional alcoholic drink?
• Why is my cat suddenly waking me up in the middle of the night?
• What is it that you know about love that we as humans still haven’t discovered?
• When will we be able to attend your events in person again?
• What does the fairy tale of Alladin and the Genie in a bottle represent?
• How can the religious system be restructured so we can head in more positive realities?
• What can I do to connect with with my origins?
• When did the window of opportunity close for us to shift to another branch of parallel realities where the idea of the pandemic did not happen?  Was it 2019 or was it 2016?
• How can I improve on the communication between my fearful self and my true self so that I can let go of the fear and limiting beliefs?
• Bashar updates us on the timeline of the pandemic.
• Do the 1-3-5-7-11 teachings apply to this Universe only or to everything?
• The experience of going through the eye of the needle has given me anxiety and panic attacks.  How do I stay positive?
• If everything is a projection of my consciousness and nothing  is "out there", what is a shared reality?
• Does everybody have the ability to connect to Bashar directly?
• If there is infinity and limitless reality, why does there seem to be a closed window for contact?
• Why does there not seem to be any consequences for the so-called enlightened people who do very negative things like sexual exploitation of their followers, fraud and manipulation?
• How can you tell the difference between passion and instance?
• What is the difference between fourth density and the fourth dimension?
• What is love and what is its role in the universe?

And much more!


Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.






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