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Parallel Realities and You - MP3 Audio Download

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In Parallel Realities and You, Bashar will describe exactly how your connections to various parallel realities guides and informs the life you are presently experiencing. He will also show us how to allow our minds to expand inter-dimensionally by focusing more deeply on these ideas. This fascinating session will help you understand how to explore the parallel realities that are relevant for the theme you are exploring at this time of great change on Earth.


Session Date:  August 26, 2023
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes

• What does it mean to visit a parallel reality where nothing is relevant?
• What do I have to do to move to a parallel universe?
• What happens to the "me" in the previous parallel reality?
• Are parallel realities more like still photos or video clips that we arrange?
• Why am I receiving mixed messages from my Higher Mind?
• Do you have a permission slip to help me differentiate between my anxiety and my excitement?
• How can we become more aware of the consciousness jumps we're making?
• Who is on the Tic Tac ships and why did I see them?
• At what levels can free will be exercised?
• What can you tell me about excitement and mundane issues like taxes?
• Will I miss out on experiences with my kids?
• Can we shift to a parallel reality where we have a different body?
• Can you speak on life purpose and agreements?
• What is the current window of contact?
• Are humans meant to be vegans? 
• Will the outcome be disastrous if I try to change all my negative beliefs at once?
• What happens during a sound bath?

And much more!





Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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