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MIrror Mirror Reflections - MP4 Video Download

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The year of 2022 will be the bridge where we go from The Eye of the Needle to the beginning of the Window of Open Contact. To prepare us for the exciting opportunities to come, Bashar is giving us a new exercise! It will help us build a stronger bond to our higher minds and create a deeper connection to our own higher selves. This permission slip will give us the momentum and energy to prepare us for future contact and will teach us how resonate more strongly with our own internal guidance system. Create the version of yourself that you most prefer to be as we move into 2022!

Session Date: December 18, 2021
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes:

• What is going on with all the ET sightings in Puerto Rico?
• Is Time the 6th Form of Abundance?
• How can we attract more visitors to our life coaching retreat?
• Who are the Grays pictured in the handout from Tell Them Bashar Sent You?
• How is the collective consciousness relating the the hybrids?
• When you speak of Open Contact do you mean towards civilization in a broad sense or on an individual level?
• How can I help spread the idea that we are all connected?
• Am I actually telepathic or just delusional?
• Are we headed towards telepathy?
• I had a dream about an octopus woman.  What is the connection?
• Do we get a new soul for each life?
• Do we understand it all when we die?
• Where do the words come from in telempathy?
• Was Yoga discovered, developed or given to us?
• What can you tell us about the archetype Shiva?
• Why is Shiva sometimes referred to King of The Yogis?
• What about Krishna?  Why is he depicted with blue skin?
• What is the story of the Anunnaki creating humans?
• What can you tell us about Lao Tzu?
• Who are the ancient masters he is referring to into the Tao Ti  Ching?
• Is the Prime radiant a masculine energy?
• Why do I experience such polarity?
• Are the MRNA Vaccines safe?
• Are we too far gone to save the planet?

And much more!



Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.


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