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Becoming a Galactic Citizen Part 1 - MP4 Video Download

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Welcome to 2023, the beginning of the window of open contact! As we head into this exciting time, Bashar has a three-part series of transmissions to guide us, based on “The Window, The Door, and The Gate”. He will provide us with a set of new permission slips to help ramp up our energies to align with the increased flow, and align ourselves with the new possibilities that are emerging. In “Becoming A Galactic Citizen” he will give us the first of these new ideas, exercises, and permission slips, to get us started with opening that window inside ourselves to prepare us for open contact.

Session Date: January 28, 2023
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length: 2 Hours +

Q&A includes

• Why do I always think of how things can go wrong?
• Is everything that happens a synchronicity that we can use to our benefit?
• What determines the timing of our manifestations?
• What is light language?
• Did the Anunnaki procreate with homosapians?
• If everything is here and how how can you explain past life regression?
• Does the Universe have chakras?
• How will AI merge with the human body in the future?
• Why did I dream I was Cernannos’s bride?
• How do plants and animals experience us when we are meditating?
• Does lucid dreaming and shapeshifting happen in another dimension?
• What frequency do you need to be at to experience ET contact?
• How does actual contact compare to the contact Jodi foster experienced in the movie "Contact"?
• Will the next 10 years be an introduction period with ETs or will we actually be able to board a spacecraft and explore other worlds?
• After open contact, will humans still need to rely on farming and agriculture for food or will ETs show us new sources of food?
• How will a world with open borders effect our culture?
• How does first contact benefit the life of the people experiencing it?
• Why was my UFO sighting I experienced not visible to the people next to me?
• Is there an intergalactic internet?
• What aspects of death were the Egyptians aware of?
• What level of The Five Levels of Mastery has the oldest person on earth attained?
• It has been reported that the core of The Earth is reversing its spin. Can you share anything about what that means?
• Is there a way to avoid a memory wipe when we reincarnate?
• What is your perspective on The Koran?
• Can you help us to understand why God is allowing of everything?
• Why would an aspect of God choose to come to this reality called Earth?
• Why would someone incarnate into an abusive situation?

And much more!





Includes a guided meditation with visuals. Video version recommended.



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