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The Future of The Past - 4 CD Set

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Bashar guides us through the process of transforming our personal and collective past into a history that is supportive of ET contact.

Session Date: September 10, 2016
Location: Sedona, AZ
Session Length: 3.5 hours

Q&A includes:

• Why do some of us humans insist on holding on to memories from what we call the past that are often painful?
• What is the nature and purpose of bacteria and parasites?
• I have dreams that I am part of the hybridization program. Is this confirmation that I am part of it?
• What causes sleep paralysis?
• Does our government use reverse engineering on ET ships?
• Several years ago, I started seeing images on the photos that I took on my phone that I didn't see with my eyes. Is that a parallel reality?
• What is the relationship of Nibiru with us? Will it happen to us soon?
• How would you know if you have ever been abducted? What's an indicator?
• I had a few experiences where I think I died or should have died. Did I?
• Can you give any info on Edgar Cayce's “Radiac?” I use this, so is it why I am having these “supernatural” experiences?
• What are the qualities of the Anunuaki that the humans have and how does this relate to our ability to do genetic manipulation?
• Do you have any follow-ups on the updates for the Fall of 2016?
• Can you talk about the economic adjustment? Are we still on track?
• As a single mother with a 3-year-old daughter, I very often feel extremely exhausted. How can I help both of us?
• What is fear and what causes it?
• Is the Earth hollow?
• You always say “This is the idea that” instead of “This is that.” Why?
• When you talked about accessing the template reality through lucid dreams, can you give me more specifics about how I can enter that state?
• How close is your ship to the area right now?
• How will The 13 Skulls impact us in the future?
• What's the purpose of “Royalty” among the stars, as the Anunaki have been referred to?
• Before open contact occurs, will there be issues in the US with coastal waters rising?
• Can you confirm that my physical projection involves a walk in? What is the origin of the shift or where it's to?
• Why do I always push away joy and love in my life?


Includes a Guided Meditation by Bashar (no Holotope)


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