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Shedding New Light on Negative Beliefs - DVD Set

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Bashar introduces a new, simple and powerful permission slip to understand how negative beliefs work.

Session Date: November 3, 2018
Location: San Francisco, CA
Session Length: 3 Hours, 45 min

Q&A includes:

• Is recognizing that you are buying into a negative belief an example of a situation that the light bulb technique can be applied to?
• How can we navigate around obstacles?
• What actually happens to us when we die?
• How can I become a nicer person and not be so easily irritated?
• Am I on the right train to the reality I prefer?
• How can I overcome doubt?
• I was adopted.  Can you tell me my birthday?
• Could you speak about constructive and destructive wave forms?
• How do the positive and negative energies that you speak of relate to the positive and negative poles on magnets?
• How can I understand more of the concept of nothingness?
• Could you comment on your perspective of collective consciousness?  Bashar describes the chess game analogy.
• Can you speak more on feeling other’s energies or emotions?
• I always thought that I was an alien throughout my life.  Could you comment?
• Why do I create blind spots in my life?  Bashar describers the motivational mechanism.
• How can I use my fear of the future to reveal my negative beliefs?
• Could you speak on the concept of forgiveness?
• How can I help people who are dealing with negative beliefs about death?
• How can I overcome challenges in merging my physical and nonphysical experiences?
• Could you please explain The Kit of Excitement to me?
• Why am I crying so much in my meditations?
• Are there limits on my free will?  Bashar speaks on destiny.
• What is the purpose of fear?  Is it related to our survival?
• What is actually happening when "the lightbulb" from today’s topic is unscrewed?
• Why is my elderly mother still here if she wants to leave so much? 
• What is the best way to heal the body?
• How can I get the best sleep?
• Could you elaborate on what you mean when you say "Everything that you experience is your own energy"?
• Could you comment on mental illness?  Bashar speaks on multiple personality disorder.
• Is vibration the same as emotion?
• What role does music play in the evolution of the species?
• I am passionate about flower essences.  Could you speak more on how they work as healers?
• If there is no future does that also mean that there is no past?
• How can we rewrite the past as a useful tool?
• Can a paper document actually change when we change our past?
• What about "difficult" things like the place we were born or the school that you went to?  Can those things change to?
• How can we have a radically different experience?
• What about memories?  Are they created in the now?
• Could you speak on action?
• I've heard you say before to "know thyself" and I have also heard a transmission where you encourage questioners to say that they don’t know.  Can you clarify those two ideas?
• Could you comment on the idea of protection and permission slips?
• How can I redefine the idea of chemtrails?
• How can I reconnect my estranged children?
• Could you speak on the symbol of Christ’s burning heart? Bashar speaks on what it means that Jesus died for your sins.
• Why do you sometimes not answer certain questions?
• Could you comment on instantaneous healing?
• Could you speak on the hero's journey?
• Could you elaborate on Earth being a master class?
• Could you comment on the human range of emotionality?
• What are thought forms?
• Is it possible to continue our lifespan after we fulfill our theme?
• Are there other species who prey on humans?
• When we attempt to create a certain reality and it doesn't come true, does it mean we don't have enough willpower?
• Could you comment more on how we go temporarily out of balance to achieve a higher level?
• I saw many orbs at my visit to the crop circles this summer.  Can you comment?
• Could you speak more about the RH negative blood type?
• I just ended an unhealthy relationship.  Why did I not attract the version of that person that I wanted?
• Did the story of Noah's Arc actually happen?
• Was Star Trek's creator Gene Roddenberry contacted?
• Are some of the alien species in Star Trek actually accurate?
• Who led the Jews out of Egypt?
• What have you learned lately from a mistake that you made?
• Where do thoughts come from?  And which comes first, emotions or thoughts?
• Could you speak more the symbology of your family crest?
• Does infinite parallel realities mean that any off the wall conspiracy theory that you can imagine is somewhere true?
• How do I release the fear of losing a loved one?
• Can you share your perspective on the wars going on in higher planes? Bashar discusses human biology and hormones.

And much more!



Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation A Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.
Video version recommended due to Holotope Meditation visuals.


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