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Large Triskilion Pendant Necklace (Silver)

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Worn around the neck, the First Contact Pendant bears the Bashar Sigil, which is the family crest of Contact Specialists. The Sigil design contains two elements: the Triskilion and Central Spiral.  The Triskilion represents the three-fold principle that forms the foundational structure of existence  -- that polarity always arises from a balance point in the center. The Central Spiral represents the active energy principle that extends from the three-fold foundation and manifests as the act of creation. It's based on what we on Earth call a Fibonacci spiral, which reveals the underlying relationship between our inner and outer realities.

The act of wearing the First Contact Pendant establishes an energetic and vibrational link between you and Bashar and the other Contact Specialists of his planet. The purpose is to identify your location and signify our readiness as a species to receive First Contact.

Pendant is on an adjustable chain with "FOLLOW YOUR PASSION" inscribed on the back. The pendant will be placed in a small poly bag for protection and then will be placed inside a bigger poly bag with a velvet pouch.


Diameter: 1"
Chain: 18"-20" adjustable

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