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Continuing Education - MP3 Audio Download

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Available now on download! DVDs and CDs expected release date: 10/15/15


Join Bashar and a young "First Contact Specialist in Training" and explore the unique nature of our planet and culture. Dialogs with this young member of Bashar's society will help us gain a deeper perspective in physical reality, and lock in and crystalize the concepts that Bashar has shared with us for many years.

Session Date: June 19, 2015
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Session Length:
2 hours 

Q&A includes:
• Can you help me with my food allergies?
• What can you tell me on sacred geometry?
• Does planning a trip take me out of "the now?"
• What was the cosmic experience I had when kissing someone? Did I leave my body?
• Do negative entities ever become positive ones?
• How can I help my mother who is experiencing dementia?
• What really happened to the dinosaurs?
• Does "the trainee" have parental guidance?
• How can I best manifest the things I want in life?
• Could you comment on eating disorders?
• Who is the blue entity I recently became aware of?
• How can I act on my excitement without creating debt?
• How does anti-gravity work in physics?
• How can I choose between two equally exciting opportunities?
• I have a tendency to want to help the most negative reality. Is that keeping me stuck in the negative?
• How can I make peace with my past experiences of pain?


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