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Transformation Matters


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Session Date: 5-19-07

Bashar shares a brief message to this group gathering and then opens the communication to questions from the participants.

Q&A: How Darryl came to channel. A review and discussion of the four laws of creation. Choosing to allow another person to hurt you. What can we do to stop global warming and help our environment? Redefining "blocks" so they support your transformation. Being happy without a reason. The nature of fourth density. What is 2012 about? How predictions work. How to get the most benefit from transformation tools. Why is there so much suffering on planet Earth and how can we understand it? Why there is so much negativity right now. What are the consequences of choosing your own reality? How does one choose amongst all the valid choices and points of view? Acting on your highest excitement. How do pre-incarnational agreements play out in our lives? How does the choice to do "evil" factor into one's life? What is Bashar's energy/frequency level and it's effect on humans? How does one fulfill their highest purpose in life? A discussion of premonitions and instinctual feelings and how to become more "in touch". What is the connection between money and metaphysics? Discussion of "fear" as a friend. The role of one's state of being in attracting money. What forms of food are best for us? The relative value of plants, animals, and humans. Communication between trees. Drugs. What causes seizures and a description of a tool to ease seizures. Discussion of the architecture of beliefs. Comments on the historical implications of the Bible. Discussion of Draconian and Reptilian vibrations. Detoxification cleanses. Where does Bashar come from? Description of Bashar's species and world. Bashar's word for "Earth." Bashar sings an Essassani song. Description of Essassani Meditation Glyph.


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