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Explorations with Bashar


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Session Date: 4-10-04

This is a small group question and answer session that Bashar gave in 2004. We are pleased to now make this available!

Q&A includes:

  • History of Mary Magdalena.
  • Envisioning a frequency as a color.
  • Controlling conscious thoughts and dealing with subconscious thoughts that are embedded and need releasing.
  • Relating to ailments and diseases and how they serve you.
  • Experiencing upsetting events during your day.
  • Sensing energies from other lives.
  • Where Bashar presently is.
  • Liquid light and electromagnetheric energy.
  • Wanting to act as a healer.
  • Reoccurring dream--an analysis.
  • Our experience of time.
  • Estrangement from a family member.
  • Bashar's name meaning "messenger".
  • Why did the US go into Iraq?
  • The Four Laws of Creation.
  • Super ionized water, and monotomic elements and how they effect us.
  • Gaining mastery in our lives.
  • Commercializing space and space vehicles.
  • Wanting to become a space pilot?
  • Jobs we have in other dimensions.
  • Free will and ideas of destiny in your lifetime.
  • Channeling and free will.
  • What does our government know about aliens?
  • Will telepathy become common place in our society?
  • Intended purpose of the ego.
  • Healing modalities and the effects they have.
  • Is Bashar moving into another dimension and does he have an ego?
  • Soul mates, twin souls and agreements that are made.
  • Comments about Reptilians and who they are.


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